Tuesday, April 20

Xiaomi responds to recent rumors

In a press release viewed by TechSina, Xiaomi provides a first response to rumors that the manufacturer is working on an electric car.

In recent weeks, it’s been a bit of a rumor fair in the world of electric cars. And more particularly on the side of historic tech companies that would eye this niche yet occupied by solid players, Tesla on the front line. This would not prevent some from thinking about a first project in this area.

The Xiaomi rumor

Apple in particular found itself in the spotlight on several occasions: discussions with Hyundai would have been established, before falling into the water, as with Nissan. Then came the turn of Xiaomi, which would also have views on the trendy automobile sector. At least that’s what was going on iFengNews mid February.

According to the media, Lei Jun – the boss of the Chinese group – would lead the project in person, while Xiaomi had shown a first interest in the automobile by investing in particular in Xpeng Motors in 2018, a competitor of Tesla in the Middle Kingdom. So far, Xiaomi had not wanted to react.

No formalized project

But it is now done via a press release consulted by TechSina and relayed by Gizmochina. Entitled “Clarification of Reports Regarding Entering the Electric Vehicle Industry”, or Clarification of reports concerning [notre] entering the electric vehicle industry, the declaration provides a first element of response.

« Wait and see “, It is indicated, which one would translate by” Patience…», Without the brand confirming the rumors. In fact, no project would have even been formalized. Here, Xiaomi seems to prefer to observe the market and the potential opportunities that would arise before embarking on such a project which would require enormous technical, financial and human resources.

Order paper concluded?Wait and see, as some would say.

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