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Xiaomi reassures about the longevity of the battery

Xiaomi has responded to concerns about its 200 W fast charge. According to the manufacturer, the battery will only lose 20% of its capacity after two years of use.

In recent years, manufacturers have substantially increased the charging power of their smartphones. If it was still rare ten years ago to find smartphones with a power greater than 5 W, manufacturers now regularly offer powers of 18, 40, or even 60 W.

At the end of May, Xiaomi broke a new record. The Chinese manufacturer announced that it had developed a wired charging technology up to a power of 200 W. What allow, according to the manufacturer, to recharge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in just 8 minutes. Nevertheless, after Xiaomi’s announcement, voices raised concerns about the longevity of a battery subjected to such charging power.

Finally, Xiaomi took the floor on the social network Weibo to respond to these remarks. In a series of images, the manufacturer claims that its technology keeps “More than 80%” of the initial battery capacity, even after 800 charge cycles. As indicated by the Phone Arena site, which reports the information, this would therefore be equivalent to a capacity of approximately 3200 mAh after more than two years of use. It must be said that all batteries lose part of their capacity after many charge cycles.

98.6% energy efficiency

Xiaomi also specifies that it has integrated 40 different protections to prevent overheating of the battery or the motherboard of the smartphone. The manufacturer also indicates that its charger offers energy efficiency of 98.6%, with only 1.4% of the energy therefore escaping in the form of heat. The firm also indicates that it has had its charging process certified in “More than 30 countries” on the Mi 11 to ensure that it meets the standards of each region.

For now, Xiaomi’s 200W charging technology is still in the development stage. If a prototype was unveiled at the end of May, the manufacturer has not yet announced a smartphone compatible with this charging power with the exception of the Mi 11 Pro used for the demonstration. It will still be necessary to wait before a smartphone of the brand can take advantage of such a fast charging speed.

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