Saturday, February 27

Xiaomi presents a desk heater so you don’t get cold while you work

Xiaomi wants you to telecommute efficiently this winter, and for this it has just launched a desk heater that is capable of blowing hot air in multiple directions up to an angle of 45 °. Xiaomi returns to surprise with an invention that is perfect for the arrival of winter and ideal for teleworking and is that thanks to the new desk heater you will no longer be cold while you are working or directly playing with your favorite computer. With the imminent arrival of cold weather, you will need to turn on the heating but it is likely that you want to save electricity and that you are only interested in heating a specific area of ​​your home, and for this Xiaomi has just launched a new product under the Mijia brand that is already there. available in China. This Xiaomi Mijia desk warmer is priced at $ 17 to change and is built with a ceramic heating element design capable of offering instant heating. The device can blow warm air in different directions up to a 45 ° angle, with different effects ranging from a gentle airflow to a warm breeze. The device features a maximum diameter of 132mm with a 360 ° concealed inlet design that lies at the bottom to allow unobstructed air supply. It is also a very safe technological product, since it has a design with fireproof material and admits double thermal protection. So when the internal temperature rises to higher levels, the thermostat stops heating automatically, even if the thermostat ends up failing, the fuse will cut the circuits to avoid accidents. Xiaomi knows very well that this winter teleworking will prevail in the main companies in the world, and for this many people will have to acquire this type of inventions, portable desk heaters that will make our time sitting in a desk is much more pleasant without getting cold.

[Vía: gizmochina]

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