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Xiaomi is said to be on the verge of launching a smart speaker in Europe

According to information from WinFuture, the Chinese giant Xiaomi should shortly market its Mi Smart Speaker connected speaker on the European market. This product would then compete with Google’s range, at a more aggressive price, however.

Xiaomi smart speaker

The Xiaomi connected speaker // Gamesdone: Xiaomi via WinFuture

New offensive coming from Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer, now positioned in a plethora of markets – from smartphones to electric scooters, connected bracelets, monitors and televisions, to name a few – intends to come and put a spur of the moment Google and its smart speakers .

Under 60 euros

How? ‘Or’ What ? By marketing its own Mi Smart Speaker connected speaker on the old continent. According to information from the German site WinFuture, everything suggests that its launch is near. The media even had access to Spanish and Portuguese prices, respectively set at 53 and 59 euros. This would make the device a more interesting alternative than the Nest Audio (100 euros), in terms of price at least.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker would be in the same range as the Nest Mini sold at 60 euros. Cylindrical in shape, the product would host an LED strip on its upper part, combined with two long-range microphones capable of picking up the user’s voice from a relatively large distance, says WinFuture.

Google Assistant in the program

A 12-watt speaker would be on the program, as would support for DTS audio coding. On the top, a touch surface would manage reading, volume and activate Google’s voice assistant, which is therefore invited on this future rival.

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