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Xbox Series X | S, One: November update improves interface

The new Xbox Series S and Series X consoles are entitled to their first update. The new system is also offered on Xbox One.

Xbox Series S and its joystick

Xbox Series S and its controller // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

For its new Xbox consoles, Microsoft has chosen to offer the same new interface on the Xbox Series X and S as on the old Xbox One. What to offer better continuity to its fans, but also to avoid any generational break between consoles, where Sony offers a whole new experience on PS5.

While the new generation of consoles will soon celebrate their first month, and most machines are still out of stock, Microsoft is offering us the first major update with changes to the interface.

Microsoft has always taken care to continuously update the interface of its consoles. We remember the many changes that took place in the days of the Xbox 360, or on the Xbox One to correct the problems of its commercial launch. The firm promises to continue this tradition with the new consoles. The November update is a first example of the kind of new stuff to expect.

More dynamic themes on Xbox Series X and S

Apart from the Quick Resume function linked to the SSD, the only software exclusivity of the new Xbox consoles is the possibility of putting a dynamic wallpaper on the home screen. With the November update, Microsoft is introducing six new dynamic themes. Fans of the brand will undoubtedly recognize a small tribute to older consoles, notably the Xbox 360, among the new themes.

Dynamic themes on Xbox

Dynamic themes on Xbox // Gamesdone: Microsoft

Microsoft promises to keep adding new themes with future system updates. The firm stresses that the first feedback on the addition of dynamic funds has been very positive.

Auto HDR is now better indicated

In addition to offering backward compatibility with Xbox One games, but also certain Xbox and Xbox 360 titles, Microsoft is improving the experience through system-level changes. For example, on the Xbox Series S and X, backward compatibility can automatically add HDR management on games developed long before this standard arrived on our televisions. This “Auto HDR” function was created with an artificial intelligence algorithm by Microsoft, and the company activates or deactivates it depending on the titles.

Auto HDR logo identifies compatible games

The Auto HDR logo identifies compatible games // Gamesdone: Microsoft

Now an “Auto HDR” logo will appear next to the time when the guide menu is open to indicate whether or not a game uses this new feature.

Add your family’s accounts in a few clicks

As we saw during the test of the new Xbox, the configuration of the console can be done quite easily with your smartphone. The November update adds one more step where it will be possible to quickly add family members to the console.

Adding your family is pretty easy

Adding your family is pretty easy // Gamesdone: Microsoft

This is especially handy if you’re using the Xbox Family Settings app and you’ve already set up parental controls and a list of accounts associated with your Microsoft account in your family.

Upcoming Xbox Game Pass games may come preinstalled

The Xbox Game Pass subscription is continuously enriched with new games. Sometimes Microsoft announces the arrival of new titles well in advance. This is the case for example for Dragon Quest XI S which arrives in December, but which was announced this summer for the subscription.

From now on, a “coming soon” section is present in the Xbox Game Pass application, on the console or on mobile, to bring together these games which are not yet available, but already announced. It will be possible to “preinstall” them, like a pre-order, to be sure to have them available from the day they are made available.

The update is available, the preview of the next ones begins

The November update is already available for download on Xbox consoles. If you’d like to pre-test future updates to get your feedback, Microsoft is now officially accepting Xbox Series S and X consoles in the Insider Preview program.

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