Thursday, January 21

Xbox is preparing an update to correct the problem

Aware of the random disconnection problem encountered by some controllers of the latest Xbox Series X, Microsoft ensures that an update is coming to resolve the problem.

Weapon in hand, you are about to give the finishing blow to your downed opponent when, suddenly, he gets up and sends you to the mat while your hero seems frozen. Or rather your Xbox controller. This case, some players d’Assassin’s Creed Valhalla have met him more than reason in recent weeks. Suddenly their Xbox controller is no longer connected to the Xbox Series X without anything being touched.

The problem appeared on the Microsoft Support Forum shortly after the release of the new console of the American giant. Many gamers have reported a controller losing its connection in certain games and situations, note The Verge.

An update already in preparation

« We are aware that some gamers may experience disconnection issues with their new Xbox Wireless Controllers and our teams are actively working on a solution that should arrive in a future update.“, Confides an Xbox spokesperson to the specialized site.

The Xbox Series X has already sold several million copies and it is difficult to know if the problem encountered by the 1,700 Internet users who appeared on the forum (40 pages of messages anyway!) Only concerns a disabled part of the players or not.

Random disconnections on the form

Hovering over the Xbox forum or dedicated Reddit threads, controller disconnection issues seem to affect gamers in a different way. Some controllers simply fail to pair with the console or unintentionally disconnect. Others don’t send orders to Xbox. Note that the Xbox Series X seems the only one concerned by the concern of random disconnection, or at least, the main one.

Even if it remains isolated, the problem is delicate enough that Microsoft is looking into the matter. The Redmond firm encourages players to update controller firmware or by going to Xbox Support.

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