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Xbox is considering an HDMI key to access Game Pass

Asked by the Stratechery site, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, suggested that the cloud gaming service xCloud could benefit in the future from a TV streaming stick.

The xCloud project takes the Xbox to the clouds

The xCloud project takes the Xbox to the clouds // Gamesdone: Microsoft

Cloud gaming is the future of video games. Xbox believes in it and has jumped into the fight by launching its xCloud service through Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in mid-September for Android devices and, more recently, the console streaming part on iOS for Apple products via its Xbox mobile app. But Microsoft is looking even further for its gaming branch.

Asked by the site Stratechery, Phil Spencer let some interesting information slip by. Xbox would think about designing TV streaming sticks to be able to use xCloud differently and truly everywhere. In particular on a TV screen, in addition to the rapid deployment of the service on Xbox and PC to carry the Game Pass.

An Xbox Chromecast

And it is quite simply a system equivalent to Google’s Chromecast Ultra for Stadia advanced by Xbox. ” I think we will see cheaper hardware in our ecosystem in the future, like streaming sticks and other things that we might just want to plug into our TV to play via xCloud ”, Phil Spencer said. This could be the final version of the famous Hobart Project to port xCloud to dongle which has been whispering for a long time.

From there to glimpse an offer ” Xbox Game Pass Platinum », as the nickname The Verge, bringing together a material support and the subscription to the Game Pass games catalog, there is only one step that the person takes, in barely veiled words: ” It could even be something to add to the Game Pass subscription that allows you to stream xCloud games to your TV and just buy the controller ”.

As recalled The VergeMicrosoft has already tried portable gaming devices. In 2016, the company began work on a lighter Xbox for streaming gaming before it was canceled.

xCloud and Game Pass at Samsung and soon Apple

So that Phil Spencer is already pouring out, there is no doubt that the project is well advanced and could see the light of day quickly. He announced a few weeks ago that the dispute with Apple would be quickly resolved so that Xbox in cloud streaming arrives on iPhone and the solution – admittedly not entirely comprehensive because xCloud still does not work – is already active. And a web app version seems imminent too. “ We have a good solution on iOS which I think will arrive early next year. I’m confident », He adds to Stratechery.

For several months, the Xbox Game Pass has become the center of attention of Microsoft. The subscription offer would exceed even the expected success, has learned Windows Central, “With strong adoption in Eastern Europe and South Korea”. This would explain the partnerships forged with Samsung, which offers easy access to Game Pass on its latest Galaxy S7 tablets and its Galaxy Note20, and even soon on board connected TVs.

With a possible HDMI key / Game Pass package, Xbox would have an opportunity to enhance its cherished service. After Xbox All Access, which allows you to buy a console on credit (Xbox One and soon Xbox Series) with an Xbox Game Pass subscription for a two-year monthly plan, this would be another way to access the unlimited gaming service from everywhere, with ease. Two key words dear to Microsoft.

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