Thursday, January 28

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Coming to iPhone and PC in Spring 2021

Deployed last September, Xbox’s cloud gaming service, currently reserved for Android mobile devices only, will continue its journey in 2021 on iPhone, iPad and PC.

Reach three billion players. This is the goal that Xbox has set for the deployment of its ecosystem. And to achieve this, the American giant continues to extend its ramifications and multiply the supports. After consoles and PCs, then Android smartphones and tablets with xCloud, Xbox will come to Apple devices.

Xbox finally available from Apple

This Wednesday, Xbox announced that a “new step” would be taken in 2021 with the arrival of its cloud gaming service on iOS devices in the spring.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will obviously have to go through the Safari browser to take advantage of xCloud, Apple is still not willing to let the Xbox Game Pass app play the middleman on its Store. Xbox has already played the sham by making its players enjoy the game remotely in console version streaming from the eponymous application.

The browser, the sham of cloud gaming

PC gamers will also finally be able to enjoy cloud gaming from any Windows device. All they need to do is open the Xbox application or the webapp on a browser.

Other announcements should occur in the coming months, explains Xbox, which has also advanced a few balls on its future catalog of games. We know thatHalo Infinite, which was supposed to be the big launch game for Series X | S, is postponed until fall 2021 and will be talked about in other games never before mentioned.

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