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Xavier Niel predicts the arrival of 5G “before the end of February”

Guest of the Tech & Co show on BFM Business, Xavier Niel, the boss of Free, indicated that 5G could be deployed in Paris “before the end of February” for all operators.

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It is the stronghold that is still refused to operators. Paris. The City of Light has still not given in to the siren songs of 5G which is gradually being deployed in France. To avoid the scolding of some of its citizens, the mayor of Paris preferred to launch a vast consultation to find out if they wanted the ultra-fast connection.

Beyond the peripheral, in some areas of neighboring departments, it is paradoxically possible to connect in 5G with a compatible smartphone. Otherwise, go to the South, the North, the East or even the West to take advantage of high flows in France …

“We are moving in the right direction”

But Parisians should soon no longer be “left behind” by 5G in large cities. Guest of the show Tech & Co Monday night on BFM Business, Xavier Niel suggested that the situation should be quickly resolved in the capital.

« We are one of the biggest capitals in the world for Tech. It’s a bit sad to be one of the few who doesn’t have 5G today ”, loose the boss of Free. But he remains optimistic, because, according to him, “positive opinions have been given “. It would only be a matter of weeks before seeing 5G cover Paris as well, he said.

End of February for all operators

The various operators have already “oriented” their antennas installed to cover the suburban towns towards the capital. “Paris has been a cautious city, there is a fear and the city has tried to do things pretty well. You have to be positive and things are moving in the right direction ”, slips Xavier Niel with a smile. He has long been critical of the choices of Mayor Anne Hidalgo to curb deployment with all four irons, under pressure in particular from his environmental supporters.

Asked about a possible launch date, the operator’s boss predicted the arrival of 5G in Paris “before the end of February for all operators ”. It is difficult to know if this is wishful thinking or information slipped in to speed up discussions in the bays of the Town Hall. Free is in any case the very first operator to advance on the subject when Orange or SFR often kick in touch. Response in a little over a month if Paris moves up a gear.

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