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Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap


Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap is a rogue-like platformer that was released not too long ago. Wonder Boy is a remake of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap which was available back in 1985 on Sega’s Master System. The new developers reverse-engineered the whole gameplay from the original title, while also giving it an updated look and new music.

Wonder Boy Game

Seems that this remaster did the original game the justice that it deserves. Seeing how it’s a rogue-like platformer, is pleasantly tough, giving you the required challenge you need from a game for it to be captivating. 

How should I approach Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap?

If you played any rogue-like games before, it will be somewhat of a breeze for you. In the core, Dragon Boy is very similar to let’s say The Binding of Isaac, only with less gore and with a platformer 2D view. Like any other game in this niche, you are only prompted with a short story, the basic controls after which you are “wished” good luck.

The game really doesn’t hold your hand too much. Wonder Boy Game has a somewhat tricky movement system, due to inertia. When you get up to speed, the character will slide a bit in whatever direction you were heading. Because of this, you might need a bit of time to get used to it. I think everyone should take it slow at the beginning, to allow yourself to get used to the controls. Just embrace the game. It won’t bite.

How does the combat look like in Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap?

It’s in fact very simple, but coupled with the fiddly movement can get tricky. At first, you are a little boy, with a sword and a shield. The shield is very useful at the beginning because it deflects some of the projectiles that are going towards you. That gives you quite a breather, seeing how you need to take it all in and get used to the whole game.

I find the combat itself to be quite simplistic in theory. Just go near the enemy and start slashing away with your sword. The tougher the enemies, the more slashes they will need. In the beginning, though, all the enemies are quite forgiving, which is how they should be. The only problem is that the sword is quite short, and you will have to get quite close to the enemies.

Wonder Boy Game

After the beginning section and killing a dragon, you turn into a dragon, making it all clear of why the name is Dragon’s Trap. In my eyes, the dragon form is at the same time more forgiving but more challenging. While in human form, you had many heart containers and that allowed you to take plenty of hits from all the baddies.

When you turn into a dragon, you are only left with one, but to compensate you breathe fire which is now a ranged attack. Also, you can spam this attack a lot. You don’t need to reload, or anything like that. This means that you can plow through weaker enemies without breaking a sweat.

Is Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap any fun? Even if I never played rogue-like games before?

In my opinion, it is fun, but maybe I already have some experience with this genre of games. These types of games require patience because you will die many times in the first hours. Wonder Boy is also quite forgiving. When I died I didn’t lose any items that I managed to get.

I just went back to the hub world, which in this case it’s a small village. There is a real feel of progression. You kill enemies, they drop gold coins, you spend the gold coins. You can get armor, swords, and shields which make your life easier in the long run.


There are many useful consumables you can get: fireballs, arrows, even a tornado. The enemies are fun and quirky, but well made. It has good A.I, even though at the beginning you won’t really see it. You surely don’t want to be up against the best enemies right from the get-go.

Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap really hit it home with the graphics in my opinion. They look really good and really suit the game as a whole. This coupled with its bubbly music gave me a good experience.

Wonder Boy Game

Ok, I am sold. Any tips before I delve into Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap?

Have patience. You are going to fail many times at the beginning which is perfectly fine. You have to persevere while playing any rogue-like games, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap makes no exception.

Take it slow, you don’t want to die too many times.

Don’t be afraid to use some special items every once in a while, you can get them back eventually. But at the same time, know that whenever you get into another area and then return, the mobs will have respawned.

Don’t waste your precious tornadoes to kill a little crab.

Bear in mind that the game just puts you there, and it doesn’t give you much info. If you ever feel stuck and you don’t know where to go or how to progress, feel free to look for a walkthrough for the game. You don’t want to spend even more time, in the beginning, wondering around instead of killing motionless snakes and quirky crabs.

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Be sure to explore Wonder Boy Game.

In the village, you can get an extra heart container, which will help you massively. Remember to buy upgrades, like armor or a sword. If you have a controller, feel free to plug it in. The game is more accessible with a controller.

And last but not least, remember to have fun and not get angry while playing Wonder Boy Game: The Dragon’s Trap. Trust me, you are in for a treat.



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