Saturday, January 23

With Watch Party, Amazon organizes your TV evenings with friends, but from afar

Like Facebook and Disney +, Amazon is adapting to the global situation and to confinement by offering to share the viewing of its programs. Watch Party lets you virtually invite up to 100 friends to watch a movie without ruining your living room.

After Facebook and Disney +, Amazon, in turn, wants you to watch its programs with your friends. The global situation, especially in France, limiting group meetings, so the internet and our new connected life come to our rescue.

Here is Watch Party, a new function that will allow you to watch Prime Video movies and series with your friends, even, and above all, if they are not with you. This is nothing new, because other streaming services have already deployed a similar option, but Amazon is positioning itself in the spirit of the times to offer to meet despite the events around a fun time.

This requires being a member of Amazon Prime or Prime Video and that your friends (up to 100 possible guests!) Are too. For the moment, the function is only accessible from a browser (except Apple Safari). It is not possible to join a Watch Party from a smartphone, tablet or TV box (Fire TV included). Because the principle is above all to have a chat window parallel to the viewing screen.

Up to 100 participants

This is one of the differences, in particular with the Disney + GroupWatch, which required being on a smartphone or tablet, or having a second mobile device nearby to send each other reaction emojis. No chat window was provided at launch. On the other hand, if everyone synchronized the broadcast, everyone could manage the program for all by pausing or playing, moving forward or backward. At Amazon, only the organizer has the hand. This is not necessarily a bad thing …

Almost all Amazon Prime programs are eligible for Watch Party. You choose the series or the film of your choice, then you create your group with your guests. On the other hand, you will not be able to play the international card by inviting your friends from all over the world to join you. All participants must have an Amazon Prime subscription in the same country.

How to start a Watch Party?

  • Select the movie or series episode;
  • Click on the Watch Party icon that appears in the program information banner or near the name of the episode in the list;
  • Create your session by indicating your name in the group;
  • Invite your friends by sharing the link, sending it by email, via Facebook or Twitter;
  • Start the program as soon as everyone is there;
  • Everyone can chat in the chat during the broadcast.

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