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With Viva, Microsoft wants to improve the well-being of telecommuting employees

After bringing Microsoft Teams into the use of teleworking, the American company is interested in the digital transformation of business life, the feeling of belonging and well-being at work. And for this, it is launching Microsoft Viva, a platform focused on the employee experience.

Viva Connections will be accessible on PC and smartphone

Viva Connections will be accessible on PC and smartphone // Gamesdone: Microsoft

Communication, knowledge, learning and resources all in one place to work better while always having the feeling of part of a team. The dream of many employees in the age of teleworking and where benchmarks have to be reinvented and business life to be created remotely.

Already on the strength of the success of Microsoft Teams which, along with Zoom and Google Meet, was one of the services that exploded with the new situation of the pandemic, Microsoft understood that its hegemony over new digital tools was growing. No question of stopping on the way. While the world attacks 2021 with uncertainty and concerns, the Redmond firm is anticipating new ways of working with the arrival of a new platform.

Here is Microsoft Viva, ” the first platform for the experience used in the digital age“. According to Satya Nadella, the boss of Microsoft, Viva must “bring all the technology businesses need to support employees and help them thrive in this new era where work is more flexible than ever. »

Collaboration, learning and well-being at the heart of the reflection

More than ever, collaboration is at the heart of the reflection. But it must now ally itself with learning and especially with well-being, the element most mistreated by the situation due to the coronavirus. For collaboration, Microsoft has been able to count on Teams, which has multiplied the improvements in less than a year, for shared tools as well as for offering more fun and less stressful videoconferencing moments with Together Mode. Now, over 115 million people around the world use Microsoft Teams every day, for meetings, such as teamwork or exchanging documents. A first functional layer which, in spite of its increasingly vast field of action, still leaves certain aspects of work to escape and, in the first place, the human and social dimension.

This is where Viva will be available to allow employees tofeel connected, supported and able to do their best at work“Promises Microsoft which hopes to breathe new life into Viva”a new work culture accessible from everywhere that values ​​collaboration, knowledge, learning and well-being at work“. Because, with teleworking, development and training, the advantages and well-being, but also the multitude of technologies to tame, so many aspects that have somewhat disappeared or are found fragmented, difficult to find, and can disrupt the flow of work. The Employee Experience (EXP) platform must make it possible to offer both resources and assistance integrated into the tools used to work.

Build a work culture from anywhere

Based on Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Viva comes in four modules: Viva Connections, Viva Insights, Viva Learning and Viva Topics. All will be accessible on smartphones and PCs.

Viva Connections

With the advent of highly recommended teleworking, a study commissioned by Microsoft shows that 60% of employees feel less connected to their teleworking team. No more office, corporate or event camaraderie. It is especially difficult for newcomers to a company who are struggling to integrate, because they don’t know their new colleagues or the locals.

From Teams, Viva Connections wants to recreate this virtual entry point, a sort of gateway to your digital workspace for everything related to communication. The module will be based on SharePoint so that managers can communicate with employees via cells, the latter will be able to access news, policy and company benefits. This will also make it possible to create communities as there would be groups or associations in the premises. Other services such as the Yammer corporate network, with personalized dashboards and useful resources available, will be integrated into Viva.

Viva Insights

This is the “well-being” aspect of the project, the one that should allow the employee to reconnect with himself and his life away from work. Although integrated into Teams, its objective is to allow all employees to take regular breaks in their working time with their colleagues and their learning.

For managers, Viva Insights will provide information and make recommendations to properly manage the work of its teams and avoid professional burnout. It will also simply involve a recommendation to encourage its teams to cut off notifications to save themselves from stress outside of work, or to establish daily priorities. For business leaders, work organization models will be suggested to ensure everyone’s well-being and strengthen team cohesion.

A dashboard in Viva Insights

A dashboard in Viva Insights

To ensure privacy and security, Microsoft promises that only the employee will see their personal data which will be anonymized by default for their managers.

Viva Learning

According to a recent report from LinkedIn, 94% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for a long time if they feel it is investing in their learning and development. Microsoft has therefore designed Viva Learning to be the learning aid module and that it fits naturally into daily work, as well as into the corporate culture.

Employees can thus share and promote micro-content training and learning. Managers have the tools to allocate training and monitor courses. Viva Learning presents itself as a hub in Teams, with an AI capable of recommending the right training at the right time. Managers will be able to display content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, those defined by the organization or any other partner training organization.

Viva Topics

« A Wikipedia with AI superpowers.This is how Microsoft defines Viva Topics for a business. This module should allow any employee not to feel lost in his company and to understand its vocabulary, organization, find experts or any other relevant information to facilitate his work.

For this, an artificial intelligence will automatically organize the content and expertise available in the company into different categories (Projects, Products, Process, Customers, etc.). Each topic will be accessible as needed in Microsoft applications used such as Teams, Office or SharePoint. And employees, with one click, can find documents, videos and anyone related to the theme. Sharing knowledge about the company with as many people as possible, and for the well-being of as many people as possible, is also the key here. It will be possible for the experts who will feed the different “maps” to add external information to enrich the whole (vocabulary on a domain, acronyms, integrations of partner data…).

Designed as an open and versatile platform, Microsoft Viva will be able to add naturally to Microsoft’s tools already in place such as Teams, Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365. If Viva Topics can already be made available, the other modules will be deployed as they go. and to measure.

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