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With the health crisis, Microsoft redoubles its efforts on Windows

Microsoft has not said its last word with Windows. CEO Satya Nadella said the multinational will redouble its efforts on its operating system, a strategy that goes hand in hand with the current health crisis.

Windows 10

Microsoft revealed during a conference call that the company is seeing an increasing number of active users each month on Windows 10. For Satya Nadella, Windows and Microsoft 365 are at the heart of the productivity, collaboration and communication tools of the multinational.

Windows and Microsoft 365 at the heart of the strategy

Since her arrival at the head of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has maintained a very different policy from that of her predecessor Steve Ballmer. While the latter placed the Windows operating system at the heart of its strategy, Satya Nadella is trying to diversify as much as possible by repositioning the firm on the offers of cloud computing for businesses, by highlighting Microsoft 365 offers and deploying the company’s services on competing systems, mainly Android.

Sanitary conditions, confinements around the world and the generalization of teleworking allow society to refine each of these angles. And the multinational intends to support these drastic changes by realigning its strategy. The leader explains:

If these last nine months have taught us one thing, it is that when it comes to Windows and PCs, they play an essential role for distance learning, for remote work (…) So we are going to redouble it. ‘efforts.

In other words: Microsoft wants to put Windows back at the center of its concerns. At the end of next year, the company should also offer a major update to the user interface of Windows 10. Called by the code name “Sun Valley”, this project should see the light of day over the Christmas period.

Microsoft wants to reposition itself on mobile devices

After Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10, the publisher threw in the towel on its mobile operating system. With Satya Nadella, the company has chosen to leverage the iOS and Android systems and strengthen the development of mobile applications while enrolling them within the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Satya Nadella adds that the company will continue to support new types of media. He is happy to see Windows on different sizes of devices accommodating different architectures. The recent release of the Microsoft Duo demonstrates in particular the ambitions of the company on Android.

However, the company intends to go further. Microsoft is continuing its work on Windows for ARM and is working in particular on supporting its OS on terminals with two screens. Called Windows 10X, however, this edition is experiencing an accumulation of delays and has forced the company to postpone the release of the Microsoft Neo.

Windows 10 ++: Microsoft is working on a design overhaul for 2021, codenamed

Microsoft’s “Sun Valley” project promises to make Windows 10’s interface more consistent. The start menu, tablet mode and file explorer would be particularly targeted by the planned improvements.
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