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With Swiftkey, Microsoft would prepare universal copy and paste, from PC to smartphone


Microsoft would seek to further reduce friction between Android and Windows. The editor would thus count on Swiftkey to make a universal clipboard allowing to pass smoothly from his smartphone to his computer.

Swiftkey sur Android

Swiftkey on Android // Gamesdone: Frandroid

When we talk about virtual keyboards on Android, two schools emerge from users. We usually find those who are used to Google Keyboard, and lovers of Swiftkey. It must be said that the second, bought in 2016 by Microsoft, offers a number of very practical features.

This is the case with the clipboard, a function that allows you to manage the copied text, even several hours later. It is precisely through this functionality that Microsoft would like to create a link between Swiftkey and its main consumer software, Windows 10. Indeed, as reported by the XDA Developers site, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi was able to reverse engineer the latest version of Swiftkey to discover an option under development within the application. Within the clipboard appears an option allowing to “Synchronize clipboard history to the cloud”. The description of this function is a little more detailed:

Copy and paste text from your other Windows devices. When this is enabled, Microsoft will receive data from your clipboard for synchronization across all your Windows devices.

In addition, an additional text allows you to indicate how to synchronize the clipboard on Windows 10 to benefit from it.

Microsoft seeks to communicate Android and Windows

Concretely, this feature could be very practical to send links or extracts of text from one device to another, thus making the experience more fluid between his smartphone and his computer. It must be said that for a few years, it has been one of Microsoft’s leitmotivs vis-à-vis Android. With its Your Phone application, the Redmond firm has already enabled users to use their computer to make calls, send SMS, transfer files or control music from their smartphone using their PC. With Swiftkey, the publisher could therefore reduce friction even more, especially in terms of text entry.

For the time being, the function is not yet available to users. It could come with a later version of Swiftkey. Still, as XDA Developers indicates, it is not yet clear how it will be integrated and what systems will be used to preserve user privacy.




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