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With Star, Disney + “does not forbid anything” and wants to compete more with Netflix

As of February 23, a new universe will appear within Disney +: Star. More mature and more diverse in its content, it also wants to change the image of the platform and broaden its spectrum. Interview with David Popineau, the boss of Disney + in France.

Love, Victor - The story of a high school student who discovers his homosexuality

Love, Victor – The story of a high school student who discovers his homosexuality // Gamesdone: Mitchell Haaseth / Star

Who Said Disney + Is Only For Kids? Those who have already skimmed the thousands of hours of content on the platform, reviewed many times StarWars, investigated the episodes of The Mandalorian or from WandaVision, discuss unpublished documentaries on Pixar, will tell you: Disney + is a family video streaming service, but which speaks especially to the nostalgia of parents while making the happiness of children and teenagers or young adults. And that might change slightly.

« Our strategy is to move from a slightly complementary SVoD service for the family to a real SVoD service for each of us,»Explains to Frandroid David Popineau, the head of Disney + in France. ” There will be something for all tastes and desires, with enhanced security. “Be as complete as Netflix, but with the strength of Disney in short.

Become a much more complete SVoD service

As of February 23, the Disney + service is enriched with a sixth universe called Star. It thus joins those of Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel, StarWars and Disney. ” It is certainly only a sixth world within Disney +, but for us, it was almost as intense as a launch as for the platform in terms of catalog density or the importance of content. », He adds. And it is true that the communication to announce the arrival of Star is quite strong, with advertising spots and posters everywhere as for the launch of a new service in its own right.

But Star is not trivial for Disney. The entertainment giant has chosen to rely on a brand already identified internationally, with Disney HotStar in particular well established in Indonesia and India. ” We want to make it our international brand », Explains David Popineau. And to achieve this, Disney also relies on the identity of Star who will surprise more than one.

“Star will offer content more for adults and young adults. Cult series and films as well as documentaries that we can’t necessarily watch with children, but that we will love to find once they are in bed ” , laughs the boss of Disney + France. Star is there to dust off the image of the platform and take away a little of its “very family” image, even if there is no question of the company with the mouse moving away from it.

Surprise to attract new users

« The idea is to offer all genres with Star, to be a little less family. The humor will perhaps be a little more thorough. We’re going to find more suspense, thrillers and a little bit of horror or frivolity sometimes. Content that we were not used to having on Disney + or very rarely », We recognize. Series like The Simpsonsor Once upon a time will thus change universe from February 23 to arrive at the newcomer.

'Little Miss Sunshine' Movie Comes To Star With Squeaky Humor

The film “Little Miss Sunshine” arrives on Star with its creaky humor // Gamesdone: Disney +

But this addition of Star is also a reflection of strategic thinking. How to expand the pool of nearly 95 million Disney + subscribers and go beyond families to compete with Netflix? By responding to different consumption needs, perhaps also more individual. ” We want to talk to parents who want to get out of the more family codes of other worlds, but also to attract new spectators“, David Popineau advances without hiding. ” Those who have stopped at the very ‘Disney’ image of the offer, but who will be more sensitive to the new type of content that Star will offer. We want to surprise and intrigue them. »

More mature content and the desire to influence opinion

Should we expect a revolution far from Disney habits? Yes and no. The catalog announced by Star is indeed more mature, but without paying into thetrash or the total offset. It will offer flagship series from Hulu, ABC or FX – in-house entities -, but also original content that goes beyond the series. feel good or the movie to consume with the family, like Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Deadpool or Logan , Red Mill,the sagaAlien, etc. « Star is based on emotion. We will be able to benefit from a greater diversity in the stories we want to tell, especially with our original projects», He emphasizes.

This is how it came aboutOussekine,an original French production which traces the fight of the family of Malik Oussekine, an Algerian student who died beaten up by police officers in intervention in 1986. “The series traces an important fact of the 1980s which marked public opinion and society. We want stories like this that resonate and there is going to be other content in different countries that will go this far.“, Promises the head of Disney +.

We will also find a series likeLove, Victoron the discovery of his homosexuality by a high school student. A subject that seemed difficult to see arriving on a chain stamped Disney, in the middle of the stories of princesses.

Parental controls, the strong asset of Star and Disney +

With Star, it is claimed on the side of Disney +, “nothing is forbidden ». « It opens up the field of possibilities without destroying the image of Disney», We hammer. From now on, Disney will be able to go where we do not expect it by passing its most sensitive content under the Star banner. And to do this peacefully, the service has an asset: enhanced parental control.

« We can offer all these new genres for all tastes, because precisely, we have this security of parental control on Star», Congratulates David Popineau.

From the launch of the platform, from February 23, each adult user will be asked to validate access to Star content if they wish. From that moment, and in particular if other profiles are linked to his account, he will have to define a PIN code to secure access and restrict it to the youngest according to their age (Star content prohibited to children under 12 will be accessible to young spectators if they are of age, for example). Each time a user wants to change their profile, they must enter the code (possibility of defining a PIN code per profile).

« We have gone really far in the features offered. This is quite new for an SVoD service ”,recognizes David Popineau.“Parents trust us and we should not disappoint or betray them when it comes to the safety and well-being of children“. Satisfy as many people as possible while reassuring parents: no doubt, Disney values ​​are also well in place at Star.

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