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With Android 12, large smartphones could be easier to use

According to XDA Developers, the next version of Android will indeed be entitled to a one-hand mode allowing you to reduce the display size to use your smartphone with a single handcuff. Convenient, in a context where the phone diagonals tend to get bigger and bigger.

One-handed mode is nothing new or revolutionary on smartphones. Admittedly, the Android mobile operating system has never offered it natively, which has not prevented some phone manufacturers from directly offering theirs via their respective software interface. Evidenced by MIUI 12 from Xiaomi, as an example.

Except that this era could be over with the arrival of Android 12, the Developer Preview of which should point the tip of its nose at the end of February. And according to XDA Developers, the next major version of Android would carry a one-hand mode with it, to make it easier for small handcuffs in possession of a large smartphone.

A strong clue in the open source version of Android

As a reminder, the principle of one-handed mode is simple: by activating it, the interface is reduced and nestles in a corner of the screen (at the bottom right if you are right-handed) to access it with your thumb, without using your left hand. And at a time when the diagonals of phones tend to grow, this type of functionality can be very practical.

Xiaomi Mi 11

One-hand mode on the Xiaomi Mi 11 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

XDA Developers would have spotted this mode in Android Open Gamesdone Project, version open source Android, without knowing whether Google intends to integrate it directly into the first Developer Preview. The point is, Android 12’s one-handed mode would reduce the screen size to 40%.

One-handed fashion of several sizes?

To see if users will be able to choose from different interface sizes, as Xiaomi can do with MIUI 12 (4.5, 4 or 3.5 inches). If the screens of mobile devices seem too big to you, the compact smartphone solution is probably the best there is.

Apple has offered its own solution with the iPhone 12 mini, when Google offers a nice catalog of compact terminals. Even Sony could succumb to it again, when Redmi would seek to position itself on it for the first time in its history.

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