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Windows 10 will notify you of applications that use your webcam

Sometimes red, sometimes green, sometimes blue: the small LED indicating the operation of the webcam is not necessarily visible. So, Microsoft may soon better notify you of the applications by making use of it.

Windows 10

At a time when teleworking is the order of the day, videoconferences are multiplying and the use of the webcam is exploding. However, between Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, Skype or Zoom, it can be a bit difficult to know which of these apps is actively using your camera at a specific time. What if one of them does it without you actually needing it.

More transparency to reassure users

According to Windows Latis, Microsoft is reportedly currently testing a new feature that lets you know what running software is connected to your webcam.

To do this, just hover over the camera icon. Note also that the latter will be added either to the taskbar or to the notifications area. The objective is therefore to improve the overall safety of the user by sending him slightly more precise information on current uses.

Windows 10X has a “camera in use” indicator, whenever an app is using a camera.. Neat!

– Gustave Monce (@ gus33000) February 7, 2021

The exploitation of the webcam by a malicious person is a particularly feared type of intrusion. In July 2019, researchers had successfully exploited the FaceTime camera of MacBooks via the Zoom software. The practice of the cover or the famous piece of adhesive is becoming more and more common. Even Mark Zuckerberg admits to using it, which is to say… The director of the FBI himself recommended this unstoppable technique.

At the same time, the editor of Redmond is working on a registry editing tool as well as on several improvements to the device manager, in particular to filter the drivers and their use.

These new features should see the light of day in the next major Windows update called Sun Valley, which should be available in the second half of 2021.

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