Monday, October 19

Windows 10 prepares an update that could improve the battery life of your laptop

HP and Microsoft have partnered to launch an optional update for your HP laptop that will improve the autonomy of your battery, and that will also extend its useful life. The battery of our laptop is essential if, for example, we want to take work or entertainment with us wherever it is without requiring to be constantly plugged into the network, and HP has just launched an interesting update that will significantly improve the autonomy of the battery. Microsoft and HP have just made a new optional update available to the public for select computers, specifically for certain HP-branded terminals. What the KB4583263 update does is improve the performance of the laptop battery by enabling a new charging algorithm. The update, which at no time makes a change in the BIOS settings, you have it available within the optional updates area within Windows 10 settings. Once you have it installed, a new application called HP Battery Health Manager will appear. which is compatible with most HP devices but is disabled by default. In this way, if you end up installing the update, you must search for the application, run it and activate the functionality. Thanks to it, the battery charging behavior will be optimized according to different usage patterns. As we have discussed, this feature is based on HP’s new algorithm and will increase the life of our battery. Note that if you do not have an HP laptop, the update will not appear, and if you download and install it in other ways it will not have any effect on your computer. In any case, Microsoft and HP, to cover their backs, clarify that if you install it on a computer that is not compatible, the aging of the battery can accelerate.

[Vía: Windowslatest]

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