Saturday, January 16

Windows 10 begins its transformation with a Weather and News widget

Microsoft has released a new preview of Windows 10. Build 21286 brings a lot of new features and in particular a change for the taskbar.

Microsoft has a lot of plans for Windows 10 in 2021, so it’s only fitting to start seeing some new things in the Insider program, which allows people to pre-test new versions of Windows. Build 21286 has been published in the Dev channel and brings some new things in the light of the Sun Valley project.

A weather and news widget for the taskbar

The biggest novelty is undoubtedly the arrival of a new item in the system taskbar, next to notifications and the time. This is a small widget giving the weather forecast and allowing you to open a section dedicated to news. This feed can of course be customized to display news in the areas that may be of most interest to you.

The new widget

The new widget // Gamesdone: Microsoft

For now, this new feature is limited to the US, India, UK and Canada, but other countries should soon qualify. To function, this service uses the new version of Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, which must be installed on the PC.

It is in fact quite simply for Microsoft to put even more forward its news and weather services competitors of what Google offers with Google News. Since the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has been seeking to allow its various branches to benefit from the weight of Windows, in particular to increase Bing’s search volume, or to generate more income for MSN and its advertising network.

Remember that the weather and news are already available by default in the Start menu, as a quick shortcut in the Windows 10 search engine, and on the home page of Microsoft Edge.

Modernized parameters: storage spaces have the right to move

Microsoft also continues to unify and modernize Windows 10 settings by gradually removing elements from the old “control panel”. With this build, it is the storage spaces that are making the transition. These are the settings that allow, among other things, to create a single software storage volume from multiple hard drives or SSDs.

Still concerning storage, it is with this build that Microsoft announces the new command line discussion allowing you to detect which files occupy the most space on the storage.

The first build of a long list

Like all Dev channel builds, Microsoft is not officially announcing which Windows 10 update these new features will be offered with. However, we can say that these novelties are the first examples of the Sunvalley project, which should bring a redesign of the interface and the user experience with the update of Windows 10 scheduled for the end of the year 2021.

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