Tuesday, January 26

Windows 10 about to undergo one of the most important changes in its history

Windows 10 will ask you what you want to use your computer for in the future, ideal for sending you recommendations regarding your main use: entertainment, productivity or education, among others. Each person is different, and when it comes to using Windows 10, too. While there are users who are using their Windows 10 computer for productivity, there are others who want to direct it directly to entertainment, and that can be a problem when configuring the operating system to be more suitable for one user or another. The community had long been demanding that Microsoft include some type of previous configuration when we will install the operating system at the beginning where we could choose the main use to be installed based on our demands and use. The people in Redmond have listened to users and are preparing new options for when the operating system is configured for the first time so that we can adapt it from the beginning. This change has started to be seen in the preview version 20231 that is currently being evaluated in the development channel and that only a small number of insider users will have it enabled. Microsoft states that “based on feedback, we are exploring the possibility of adding a page to Windows settings to help better understand how you plan to use your device and to help personalize it.” Especially interesting is the word “explore”, which implies that this is not a feature that you are preparing to include in the short-term stable version, but rather an experiment. The previous options offered are to select a use (or several uses) of the operating system for games, as a family device, for creativity focused on editing videos and photos, for education, entertainment such as social networks or video streaming, or for job. It should be noted that several options or even all of them can be indicated. In principle, the only difference that will exist when selecting another option is that during the installation process the user would be advised different options such as applications that can be installed from the start together with other configuration recommendations. With these 10 simple steps you will be able to configure the security of your Windows 10 account and be the true owner of your personal data and your privacy while using the computer. It is an installation tool that is very green, and that would only be limited to recommendations but it seems that it would not make important changes in the configuration of the operating system.

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