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Why the Tesla Model S and X feature a game console that powers Cyberpunk

With 10 teraflops of graphics power and new screens, the new Tesla Model S and Model X have become gaming consoles.

The new Tesla Model S has been announced, as well as the new Model X, it is the most important update since their respective launch in 2012 and 2015. The Model S has been available in three versions, including a very powerful version. named Plaid +. The latter can go from 0 to 100 kilometers in less than 2.1 seconds.

The biggest change concerns the interior of the car with a screen in landscape mode, as on the Model 3 and the Model Y. It is a 17-inch IPS LCD touchscreen in 2200 by 1300 pixel definition. The latter is accompanied by a second 12.3-inch screen located in front of the driver and a third 8-inch screen at the rear.

10 teraflops of graphics power

TeraFLOPS. If you follow tech news closely, and in particular game consoles or graphics cards, you have inevitably come across this unit of measurement strongly supported by the marketing departments of the brands. Tesla announces that its new Model S will have the right to a graphics power of 10 teraFLOPS.

Just take a little tour on Wikipedia to read the definition of FLOPS, or floating-point operations per second : « it’s about the number of floating point operations per second“. The number of FLOPS therefore represents the number of operations that a processor can perform each second on decimal numbers (the famous “floating points”). In other words, the number of FLOPS represents the raw mathematical computing power of a processor.

The power of a PlayStation 5

10 teraflops thus corresponds to the power of a Sony PS5, when a Microsoft Xbox Series X is entitled to 12 teraflops. Beyond any debate, it is an important computing power for gaming. Because in fact, Tesla announces that this power is dedicated to video games.

The Model S and X will be a real game console where you can connect wireless controllers and play AAA games such as The Witcher 3. It is not cloud gaming but a real game that runs on the Tesla OS.

It can play Cyberpunk

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021

Elon Musk also clarified that the system will run games next-gen as Cyberpunk.

Why integrate a game console into a car?

Infotainment systems have become standard in all new cars. You can usually run Apple CarPlay or Android Auto there. Tesla is one of the few manufacturers to offer a rich OS capable of running games, applications such as YouTube or Netflix, and even a web browser. Each car sold includes a 1-year subscription with Spotify included and above all internet4G access.

Although in-car infotainment is not a new concept, there is now a convergence of technologies that is fundamentally changing the on-board experience. Whether it is for the passengers during the journey or the driver while charging their electric car, these displays offer an opportunity for media consumption.

Not to mention that Tesla cars claim to be the first to adopt a Level 5 autonomous driving system, or at least in the near future. At this level, the vehicle has absolutely all the driving tasks and is not subject to any human intervention. Whether on the highway or in the city center, it is able to evolve in total autonomy.

While electrification and autonomous vehicles are currently making the headlines, entertainment services also offer a huge opportunity to foster an ongoing digital relationship, between a user and a brand, which opens up new revenue opportunities. This is what Tesla offers with an annual subscription dedicated to connectivity. It seems obvious that a gaming subscription will be offered to Tesla users equipped with the new Model S or the new Model X.

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