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why the number of charging stations is stagnating in France

Avere-France is sounding the alarm about the stagnation in the number of charging stations for electric vehicles between May and October 2020. The organization returns in particular to the reasons for the starvation increase over the period (+ 0.2%) .

Three main reasons explain the very small increase in the number of charging stations between May and October 2020

Three main reasons explain the very small increase in the number of charging stations between May and October 2020

The objective of 100,000 charging points installed by the end of 2021 in France seems increasingly difficult to achieve. And it is not with the current dynamics that the Hexagon will be able to count on such a park in a little more than a year, as the alert the National Association for the development of electric mobility (Avere-France ) in his new barometer national charging infrastructure.

Coronavirus and loss of major networks

The figures are clear: with an increase of + 0.2% observed between May 31 and October 21, 2020, the number of terminals for electric cars is struggling to take off. Three reasons come to explain this sad observation. On the one hand, the health crisis caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) has strongly disrupted the deployment of new locations, indicates the association. The second lockdown should not help matters.

Ensuite, « the loss of two major networks, Bluely in Lyon and Bluecub in Bordeaux, which represented 514 and 354 charging points respectively», Or 868 in total, also played a role. Avere-France also noted a “ discrepancy between the data reported and the reality, due to the way in which the charging points have been declared by certain operators“. The organization specifies:

The correction implies a decrease of less than 1000 charging points (i.e. 3.4% of the total) as of May 31, 2020. GIREVE has carried out significant work to clean up the data from the charging point declarations on which our barometers are based. .

Consequences: as of October 24, 2020, France had no less than 28,928 terminals, against 29,854 at the beginning of June, indicated an Avere report published this summer. At that time, this figure corresponded to a jump of 13% in one year, and of 1% over the previous three months. It is clear that the park has more than stagnated in this second part of the year 2020.

To reverse this trend, the general delegate of Avere-France, Cécile Goubet, presents several solutions: “ To ensure that the momentum is revived and that there are terminals at the right power in the right place, the ADVENIR program, managed by Avere-France, is increasing its funding, which now ranges from 2,000 to 9,000 € depending on the power of the terminals», She begins.

Breakdown by power and location

And to continue: “At the same time, specific aid for the retrofitting of terminals prior to 2017 is planned to allow the regions to significantly improve the quality of service to users. These two devices are valid for 1 year until the end of October 2021», We can read.

Finally, the barometer focuses on the distribution of the locations of the charging stations and their power level, which is organized as follows:

Breakdown by location:

  • Roads, public sites: 42%
  • Parkings : 37 %
  • Businesses, shops: 21%

Distribution by power:

  • Accelerated recharge (14 – 22 kW): 19,959
  • Normal charge (<11 kW): 7093
  • Fast charge (24 – 50 kW): 1102
  • Fast charge (> 50 kW): 774
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