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why Tesla still has to stop its work

The Tesla Gigafactory built near Berlin cannot continue its work. The latter have indeed been temporarily suspended by the German authorities due to a deposit of 100 million euros not paid by the American manufacturer.

Tesla Gigafactory

The Berlin Gigafactory, a real way of the cross for Tesla. The overseas manufacturer was forced to suspend for the umpteenth time the work of its very first European site dedicated to the assembly of Model Y planned for the Old Continent. The reason ? A history of unpaid deposit.

Still no definitive license

But before we go into details, let’s try to clarify Tesla’s current situation. Today, the firm headed by Elon Musk has still not received a final building permit, and is therefore relying on provisional permits. These must be accompanied by a deposit assigned to a very specific purpose.

Tesla Model Y

European Tesla Model Y to roll out of Berlin plant

As the relay Electrek and BFM TV (with AFP), said deposit is “intended to restore the site to its initial state”, If and only if Tesla does not receive a definitive license. In other words, the security deposit – 100 million euros in this case – will be used to demolish its site if the administrative situation does not settle.

The Californian manufacturer has still not paid the famous deposit, the local authorities have simply suspended “deforestation and construction of its paint shop», Declared a spokesperson for the Land of Brandenburg to Agence France-Presse. Tesla has until January 4, 2021 to file it.

A formality

In short, it should only be a formality. The most widely traded automotive group has sufficient liquidity to pay this sum. But this halt comes on top of the other setbacks observed since the start of the construction site in early 2020, even if Tesla seemed to be ahead of its original schedule.

In January, seven American bombs of 50 kilos dating from the Second World War were for example found on the site of 300 hectares. Tesla must also have a specific license due to protected bats discovered on the site of the plant.

The weight of environmental activists

Environmental activists have also challenged the felling of 82.8 hectares of forest necessary for the construction of the Gigafactory, but also believe that local reptile species and animals protected by European legislation – as reported Automobile Magazine – are endangered.

As such, the Berlin-Brandenburg Administrative Court then decided to stop the stop of forest deforestation. Will the Gigafactory in Berlin finally be operational by July 2021? Answer in a few months.

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