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Why some Android apps crash and how to fix it

During the whole night between Monday 22 March and Tuesday 23 March, Google experienced a big problem on Android which affected a lot of users. Lots of apps crashed for no reason, if that’s your case, here are two quick fixes.

On the night between Monday March 22 and Tuesday 23, many users complained that some apps crashed randomly on their Android smartphone. Among these applications, a large number of Google applications, including Gmail or Google Pay. It is not only Google’s applications that are affected, but all applications regardless of their developer.

A bug that affects all Android devices

According to Android Police, Samsung Galaxy users seem to be the most affected by this problem. However, a priori, all Android smartphones can experience these problems, whether you have a OnePlus, a Xiaomi or a Pixel smartphone.

Since the first reports, Google has officially taken the floor to recognize the problem, a fix is ​​being deployed via an update of the applications on the Play Store.

An official patch has been deployed

There are two methods to correct these repeated bugs. The first is a simple and fast handling, the second has just been deployed by Google.

A quick fix

Just uninstall the latest version of Android System Webview. This component allows applications to display a web page without having to open the Chrome application, it is indeed a tool widely used by developers.

You just have to uninstall the latest updates of Android System WebView, in the settings then in the application section. Find the Android System Webview application, then go to the menu at the top right (the three small dots).

Hi! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please remove the Webview Update and then restart the phone. Here are the steps: Go settings > apps > tap the three dots in the top right corner > show system apps > search for Android System WebView > select Uninstall updates. ^Nina

— Samsung Support US (@SamsungSupport) March 22, 2021

And an official fix

In the meantime, Google has already deployed a fix, just update the two applications below. The official Chrome app as well as the Android System WebView app on the Play Store.

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