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why is this experience so important?

NordVPN has just celebrated its 9 years of existence. The opportunity for the most famous and recommendable VPN provider to set up new promotions. For each subscription to a two-year subscription, one month, one year or two years of additional subscription are offered free of charge.

With nine years on the clock, NordVPN’s VPN experience is now substantial. For this ninth anniversary, NordVPN has launched a new promotion on its two-year subscription. A promotion that ends in a few days now, it is better to hurry to take advantage of it.

Over the next few days, the two-year subscription to NordVPN sees its monthly price increase to 2.97 euros per month. The anniversary gift is that each new subscription automatically entitles you to an additional free subscription period of one month, one year or two years. This additional period is drawn at random once the subscription has been validated. An email then informs you of the additional free period won.

A VPN has many uses. It allows both to bypass geoblocks (to access foreign catalogs of video platforms for example), as to improve the confidentiality of its connection. In the case of NordVPN, this confidentiality is reinforced by the fact that the company regularly audits its servers by an external audit company in order to clearly demonstrate that it keeps absolutely no records of the activity of its users.

Why the NordVPN experience matters so much

NordVPN is a benchmark in the VPN world. Its service combines everything one would expect from a good VPN : an application easy to learn, numerous and fast servers, guaranteed confidentiality and after-sales service accessible in French 24/7.

Its application, fully translated into French, is available on virtually all devices that can connect to the Internet: smartphones (Android or iOS), computers (Mac, Windows or Linux), connected TV and there are even applications for Chrome or Firefox. .

NordVPN's app is even available on smart TVs.  Which is handy for watching Netflix.

NordVPN’s app is even available on smart TVs. Which is handy for watching Netflix.

This application is very easy to learn. Do you just need privacy? Just click on the “Quick Connect” button to immediately connect to the fastest VPN server closest to you, so the connection is immediately encrypted and therefore tamper-proof.

Do you need to relocate your connection to the United States to access the American Netflix catalog? Nothing could be simpler: just click on the United States on the world map displayed in the application to be immediately connected to an American server. At NordVPN, accessing Netflix US works just as easily and doesn’t require any special computer skills.

The servers, in fact, is what explains why NordVPN is considered a safe bet in the VPN market. NordVPN has more than 5,500 of them around the world. This effectively means that you can relocate your IP address to virtually any country in the world to bypass geoblocks.

Need to relocate your connection to the United States?  Just click on the country on the app's world map to connect to a server with one click.

Need to relocate your connection to the United States? Just click on the country on the app’s world map to connect to a server with one click.

Many of these servers have the advantage of never saturating. They’re fast, whatever the use: streaming video, browsing the web, peer-to-peer downloads and even network video games.

NordVPN also took advantage of these nine years of experience to develop its own VPN connection protocol: NordLynx. This is an important technical advance in the world of VPN. It has a double advantage: it improves speeds and above all guarantees even more the confidentiality of the data of the users of the service.

30 days to be convinced

To be convinced of the quality of NordVPN’s service, you just have to test it. Which is possible, because NordVPN offers a 30-day “Money Back Guarantee” on its two-year subscription. Concretely, once the subscription has been completed, you can reconsider your decision within 30 days by contacting the French after-sales service by email or by chat.

NordVPN’s anniversary offer with the two-year subscription priced at 2.97 euros per month and the addition of free months or years ends in a few days. All details can be found on the NordVPN website.

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