Thursday, October 29

Which series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: The Curse of Bly Manor and Primal

A new weekend begins, today tells us that it is better to stay at home. It is not a very harsh request if we take advantage of a series on streaming platforms. It is Friday and that means that we have to go through the catalog of services such as Netflix, HBO and Prime Video to find new series with which to have a good time while we see how autumn settles through the windows. The Amazon platform resurrects a series that garnered many compliments during the 8 seasons it ran on the air. A story of strong women, with tragedies, moments of humor and suspense that challenges us to do a marathon this weekend. While on Netflix comes a second season of Mike Flanagan’s mansions of terror, mystery lovers already have a date scheduled. And finally, HBO premieres an animated series about the struggle to survive in a ruthless world. You can now try Amazon Prime Video for free for a month and with no commitment to stay. On this platform you can watch series like American Gods, Hanna and Jack Ryan, as well as hundreds of exclusive movies. The Curse of Bly Manor Mike Flanagan with a second series of the genre that so dominates. After the success of The Curse of Hill House its creator returns with another similar project, but not identical. A series that maintains some concordances with her: The curse of Bly Manor. This time it is an adaptation of the novel Another Turn of the Screw. The plot takes place in England in the 80s and tells the story of a man who travels there to take care of his orphaned nephews. But the house is not a normal building and some presences and acts that happened previously are latent. Terror, suspense and riddles, perfect to spend a good autumn weekend, cold and blanket. Title: The Curse of Bly Manor Release date: 2020 Duration: 40 min Platform: Netflix Primal Genndy Tartakovsky takes us with this new animated series to the dawn of evolution. A caveman and a dinosaur team up in a frantic fight for survival. The time in which they live is treacherous and without each other they have no chance. Both have been shaken by a personal tragedy and this is what fosters understanding between this peculiar couple. Emotion and struggle in a work that is worthwhile. Title: Primal Release date: 2019 Duration: 40 min. Platform: HBO Desperate Housewives The 8 seasons of Desperate Housewives coming to Prime Video this week had a large number of viewers hooked on television to find out how the lives of this group of women would end. The perfect life in the suburbs in America stops being perfect when you take a look inside the houses. The best thing about this series was without a doubt its female characters, the way in which each one dealt with blows in their own way. Title: Desperate Housewives Release date: 2005 Duration: 40 min. Platform: Prime Video

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