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Which PC webcam to choose in 2020?


Whether for work, streaming or just chatting with loved ones, webcams are always useful accessories. Here are our recommendations.

Almost forgotten outside of laptops, the webcam has made a big comeback on our desktop PCs in recent years. At issue: the explosion in the popularity of streaming, whether on Twitch or YouTube, but also, COVID obliges, the lasting arrival of teleworking in our lives.

Demand is also such that supply concerns are frequent on some models! Be careful not to be fooled by third-party sellers who tend to sharply increase their prices to take advantage of the shortage. The price of the Logitech C920 has almost doubled in two weeks!

The best PC webcams at a glance

Logitech C920: the best choice

Chieftain of the PC webcam, the Logitech C920 to this day remains the “default” solution despite the arrival of many models over the years. Inexpensive, but offering sufficient characteristics for most uses, it will satisfy the greatest number.

It is available in several versions with slightly different numbers, but all share the same characteristics: they are capable of filming in Full HD at 30 frames per second with a field of view of 78 °. This is sufficient most of the time.

Launched several years ago, the 2-megapixel sensor is however slightly showing its age, particularly in terms of color rendering, which will have to be adjusted in the settings, and its low-light capabilities. Normally available for a recommended price of 100 euros, it has seen its price explode because of the recent out of stock. This is our recommendation.

Why choose the C920?

  • This is the model to choose “by default”
  • less than 100 euros (normally)
  • Full HD at 30 frames per second

Logitech StreamCam: the move upmarket

Launched and tested in our columns a short time ago, the Logitech StreamCam is the right choice for larger budgets. As the name suggests, Logitech wants to make it the ultimate solution for streaming. If it is indeed very good for this use, it is in fact just a good webcam.

It films in 1080p at 60 frames per second for even more fluidity and especially manages the colorimetry for an image which, in addition to being precise and detailed, is well adjusted by default. Its field of vision is identical to the C920: 78 °.

Much more recent than its predecessor, the StreamCam also adopts a USB C connector, and does not deliver an adapter to USB A in the box. Your PC will therefore need to have said port. The webcam is marketed at 159 euros in France and you will find all the details in our Logitech StreamCam review. Note that its availability is still limited given the events related to the coronavirus.

Why choose the StreamCam?

  • Full HD at 60 frames per second
  • Better image
  • An effort on audio

Razer Kiyo: la webcam streaming

Those who have already done streaming know: light is important. Razer has understood this well with its Kiyo, which has the particularity of integrating annular LED lighting directly on the webcam. This is a plus if you don’t want to invest in dedicated hardware and therefore makes it a good webcam to start streaming.

The Kiyo films in Full HD and 1080p. It is a newer material which therefore offers better image quality than the C920. It also has the advantage of having an adjustable foot, which allows it to be used directly at the desk. This can be useful if you have a somewhat particular setup. You will find it at 109 euros at Razer.

Why choose the Razer Kiyo?

  • For integrated ring LED
  • 1080p at 30 frames per second
  • The adjustable foot

Logitech C270: if you don’t need Full HD

If you are looking for a webcam at a low price, you should go for the Logitech C270. It’s an entry-level solution that won’t work miracles, but it still films in 720p and will offer sufficient quality for video conferencing. Count less than 40 euros.

Why choose the Logitech C270?

  • For its low price
  • 720p all the same

How to improve your experience?

If you want to take it to the next level, the two points that must be improved are sound quality and lighting. This last point is also crucial, webcams offering a much better rendering when the light is high. Small selection of accessories to improve your installation without breaking the bank.

Le son : Blue Snowball ICE

If the microphones integrated into the headsets do the trick for in-game chat or a meeting on Google Meet, they quickly show their limits unless you target very high-end models. To take it to the next level, we recommend that you invest in a dedicated microphone. For 60 euros the Blue Snowball ICE offers excellent value for money.

With a cardioid pattern, it mainly picks up sounds in front of it. Its installation is plug and play and the records are absolutely correct. We just regret that the supplied tripod is a little low. However, it is difficult to ask for much more at this price.

Lights: Neewer Ring Light

Even though sensors have come a long way in recent years, the lack of brightness is still video’s biggest enemy. Using a dedicated lamp is therefore a good way to improve rendering at low cost. Particularly versatile, this ring lamp signed Neewer has the good taste to be delivered with all the accessories necessary to start.

We find in particular a tripod, a screw thread for webcams and cameras and a holder for telephones. Considering the price, the color temperature is not adjustable, but the 5500 K offered are particularly versatile.

For further

How to choose your PC webcam?

Two elements seem essential to us to make a choice: the definition of the image and the refresh rate of the image. You need at least 30 images per second and HD definition. Full HD is to be preferred. A third less important however is the field of view of the camera: 78 ° is standard, some go up to 90 °.

Why are Logitech webcams so popular?

After the end of the golden age of PC webcams, Logitech remained one of the few props manufacturers to maintain investments in the segment. Now that they are back in fashion, the brand is harvesting the fruit of this work while gradually reorienting its communication towards streamers.

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