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Which Motorola smartphone to choose in 2021? Editorial selection

In decline, Motorola still has some interesting models. Here is a quick overview of what the inventor of the mobile phone offers.

Motorola Razr 5G

Motorola has been an undisputed player in the mobile telephony market for years. The company was also the first to market a mobile phone (some would say transportable) in 1973!

First American and independent, the group’s telephony branch has changed hands a lot in recent years. It entered the fold of Google in 2011, then was sold to Lenovo in 2014.

Despite interesting experiments such as Moto Mods, the brand has not had the same success as a Huawei or a Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer is now focusing on the entry and mid-range, even if we note a return of some ambition. The revisited version of the legendary Razr and its flexible screen indeed show a certain potential.

Let’s be clear: the Motorola range no longer really has its prestige of yesteryear and the comparison with other Chinese models from Oppo or Xiaomi is rarely to its advantage at the same price.

If you are a Motorola aficionado, however, we have selected a few models worthy of attention from its range. Until maybe we add the Razr 5G once we have tested it.

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Motorola Edge: back to the top of the range.

After years of focusing on affordable phones, Motorola returns here with a more ambitious, more expensive model. First observation, the design is neat while remaining in the current canons with curved edges and a punched screen. The brand made an unusual choice by using plastic on the back of the device. It’s a little less flattering, but in return the device is more solid and above all relatively light despite its 6.7-inch screen.

The latter adopts a refresh rate of 90 Hz and uses OLED technology. We are therefore entitled to infinite blacks and a very correct brightness. Note that the fingerprint sensor hidden under the panel is inefficient.

The Motorola Edge

The Motorola Edge // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Motorola chose a Snapdragon 765 for its model. If the performances are generally solid whatever the uses, we are however a notch below the Snapdragon 865 that we find on most of the competitors. However, we appreciate the 5G compatibility and very good autonomy. Too bad, however, that the charge is only fast in name, it takes almost 3 hours to refuel …

On the photo side, the performance is decent, although the low light poses some concerns to the Edge. It will absolutely be necessary to go through the night mode for a good result.

If it doesn’t revolutionize the market, the Motorola Edge is a solid device, but it suffers from annoying little flaws. To go into details, you can read our full review.

Motorola G 5G: affordable 5G

Sold below 250 euros, this model aims to make 5G affordable. With its centimeter thick and 6.7-inch diagonal, the Moto G 5G is undeniably a beautiful baby. We appreciate the presence of a shell in the box. It is certainly basic, but it is always that taken.

The IPS panel ensures the minimum union, with good contrast and high brightness. For its part, the Snapdragon 750G is an excellent surprise, approaching the 765G found on more expensive models. However, it shows its limits with the graphics performance which means that it is not really recommended to players. Overall, however, this is a responsive device with a bonus of solid autonomy. Fast charging will require two days to fill the battery.

For the photo, the main sensor does a good job, but the same cannot be said for the ultra wide-angle and the macro which see them too blurry.

The Moto G 5G will therefore not mark the annals, but it is an interesting option if 5G and good battery life are important criteria for you.

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