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which discounted mobile plan to choose?

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a cheap mobile plan. Auchan Telecom has launched two new limited series offers: one with 50 GB at 3.99 euros per month and the other with 60 GB at 7.99 euros per month. But, which one to choose?

Like many MVNOs such as Cdiscount mobile or NRJ mobile, Auchan Telecom has a series of attractive offers for its 4G plans. The virtual mobile operator is currently offering two distinct limited series until January 12, 2021. You will find all the details below to make the right choice.

Offers at a glance

What is included in the packages

The limited-edition mobile plans at Auchan Telecom offer unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from mainland France, as well as from Europe and the overseas departments to a French number. There are however conditions to be respected: 3 hours maximum per call, within the limit of 129 recipients maximum per month, including 99 from the EU and DOM.

Regarding the 4G envelope from Europe and the overseas departments, it amounts in both cases to 5 GB. It is not huge, but it is enough to browse the Internet, listen to streaming music open Apple Map or Google Maps if needed.

What are the differences ?

As you will understand, one offers 50 GB of data in France for 3.99 euros per month and the other 60 GB for 7.99 euros per month.

The price of Auchan Télécom’s first package is kept for only six months, then drops to 16.99 euros. Over the year, that makes you a total of 125.88 euros. The price of the second package is fixed for one year, which brings it down to a total of 95.88 euros.

You will therefore save 30 euros if you keep your mobile plan for twelve months with the second solution. On the other hand, if you plan to save money for the next six months only, it is better to go with the first solution.

Additional information

Auchan Télécom is a virtual mobile operator, or MVNO, connected to Orange, SFR and Bouygues Télécom. The operator is assigned automatically according to the network available to you at registration, which implies your home address. You can already check the quality and coverage of the mobile network around you before making a decision.

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Finally, note that it is necessary to add 10 euros to the total of your order to obtain the new triple-cut SIM. The change of operator is done without interruption if you keep your number. It’s free and you just need to provide the RIO code for your line when registering!

4G plan comparison

In order to discover the other mobile offers of the moment, we invite you now to use our comparison of the best 4G plans without commitment !

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150 Go

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Unlimited SMS / MMS

100 Go

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