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which connected speaker to choose according to its use?

In the small world of voice assistants, Google has made a name for itself with the Google Assistant and its Nest line. Indeed, it is one of the most complete and the most easily accessible. Find out which Google Nest speakers benefit from it.

The smart speaker is undoubtedly the most important home automation device in the connected home. On the one hand, because it makes it possible to control the various connected objects in the home by voice. On the other hand, this type of device is self-sufficient. A speaker like Nest Mini has enough voice functionality to use on its own. But it can also act as a bridge between the various connected devices, as we equip our home with home automation and connected devices.

Today, Google offers two different and complementary connected speakers. Both benefit from the Google Assistant, the most complete voice assistant to date. These speakers differ in their design, power and sound quality. Let’s find out about these two speakers, and what are the main uses to which they go best.

The same Google Assistant on all speakers

First of all, it’s important to point out that the functionality of the Google Assistant is the same on all connected speakers in the Nest line. Whether it’s the Nest Mini or the Nest Audio, the Google Assistant behaves exactly the same: their price or size never constrains the functionality of the voice assistant.

He is able to answer the questions you ask him after a “Hey Google” as well as to control the various connected objects of the house (connected television, Chromecast, connected light bulbs) or to synchronize with others. Google services like the calendar. Google Assistant can also sync with other services – like Spotify or Deezer – to stream songs straight from your playlists.

The Google speaker is the center of the connected home.

The Google speaker is the center of the connected home.

Google Assistant services are provided by connecting the connected speakers to the Internet. So, there is no hardware limitation on this. With automatic and transparent updates, the assistant can gain new functionality without having to change devices. From the Google Home app (available on Android and iOS), it is even possible to create audio groups including different Google speakers. The music is thus broadcast simultaneously on several speakers. This is called the multiroom.

Nest Mini: the essential

Nest Mini is Google’s most affordable smart speaker. Its small size and sleek design allow it to be used in any room of the house. It can even be hung on a wall thanks to an ingenious wall mounting system integrated into the back of the device. The fabric covering that covers it is made from recycled plastic bottles. Two colors are available: pebble and charcoal.

Do not be fooled by its small size, it is perfect for sounding a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. Indeed, the sound delivered is clear and natural, which allows the user to take full advantage of its capabilities: timer in the kitchen, morning radio in the bathroom, state of road traffic in the living room, etc. Finally, owning multiple Nest Mini takes your music control even further. Indeed, it is possible to create a multiroom system which broadcasts music in several rooms simultaneously. If this is not necessary, it is also allowed to move the music from one speaker to another on request. And for more immersive, stereo sound, you can even pair two Nest Minis together.

Nest Mini also benefits from excellent voice recognition. There is no need to yell “Hey Google” for the speaker to wake up, and it is able to easily recognize commands, regardless of voice or pronunciation. If necessary, the sound volume can also be controlled using the touchscreen on the top of the speaker.

Nest Mini is right for you if:

  • you want to start in the world of the connected home
  • you are looking for a discreet and pretty connected speaker

Nest Mini is Google’s most affordable smart speaker. It is available for only 59 euros. A small price for a powerful product that has not finished evolving with Google updates.

Nest Audio: the all-rounder

Google very recently refreshed its catalog with the new Nest Audio. This mid-size speaker is larger, allowing it to naturally deliver better sound quality, while still enjoying the same features as Nest Mini. The sound reproduction is richer, clearer and supports high volumes without undergoing disturbing distortions. The speaker is therefore ideal for playing music in the background, but is also suitable for listening at a higher volume, or even for adding sound to a small evening. Like Nest Mini, this speaker is able to work with other Nest Audio devices. It can be part of a multiroom system, where the user transfers their music from room to room by voice. It can also provide a stereo sound experience by pairing with another Nest Audio.

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Nest Audio is right for you if:

  • you want to add sound to a medium-sized room such as a living room
  • you are looking for a smart speaker with an elegant design

Nest Audio is priced at 99.99 euros on the Google site. It’s a great price considering the quality of sound it offers.

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