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Whether for PS5 or PS4, the PS + subscription is 25% off on Amazon

Do you have a PlayStation 4 or are you one of the lucky ones with a PS5? To enjoy online games, backups of your games in the Cloud or free games per month, the PS + is essential. As life is well done, it is currently available at -25% on Amazon.

The PS + is Sony’s subscription offer that goes in addition to its PS4 consoles and of course the recent PS5. It brings many features as practical, cloud backup, as vital, online play, and even free games. All this for the sum of 59.99 euros per year. Except, if you take advantage of this offer Amazon at -25%.

In short

  • Indispensable to play online
  • The two free games per month
  • Exclusive bonuses and shared play

This subscription is usually marketed at a price of 59.99 euros. You can get it right now at 44.99 euros on Amazon. If you bought the PS5, any terminal savings to be made right?

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Have you just invested in a Playstation 5 or have a nice PS4? So the PS + subscription is almost essential, to play online already. It seems petty in the world of PC gaming but on console you have to go through a subscription to use this feature. Nevertheless, Sony is making sure to pass the pill better with quite a few bonuses.

The most interesting to start with, the games that are offered per month. Please note, these are not catalog stocks. There are independent games, titles that are a bit old without being antediluvian. There is enough to complete its game library without spending more and regularly you can also enjoy big games. Please note, they are only playable for the duration of your subscription. If you no longer renew it, you will no longer have access to these titles.

Another interesting function of the PS +, the game sharing. So you can play multiplayer with one of your friends who has not purchased the game. He can even play it solo when you are not on it. Add to that 100 GB of storage for your backups, exclusive content and even exclusive discounts in PlayStation Store.

PS5 owners can also access the library of twenty games via the PS + Collection in order to discover the greatest classics of the PS4.

Black Friday – Black Week: all you need to know

Let’s be honest: Black Friday dates are pretty confusing this year. Originally scheduled for November 27 and usually preceded by Black Week, it spans a wider period this year. Each e-merchant and brands communicate about the event in their own way, but come together on activations of joint offers during dates agreed in advance: it is these that we consider to be the Black Friday offers. Also note that some merchants may postpone offers on Cyber ​​Monday week.
Throughout the period, the Frandroid team will select the best good deals available through different selections:

The best Black Friday deals

The latest offers live on our Twitter account #FrandroidBonsPlans

Good plans in detail

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