Monday, April 12

when the Mi Smart Band 5 inspires the high-end smartphone

Are you familiar with the screen on the back? Lei Jun revealed that the small rear panel of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is the same as that of the Mi Smart Band 5 connected bracelet.

The recently officialized Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is full of promises in photo and video. He also sat in first place in the DxOMark ranking. The smartphone stands out in particular by its very imposing rear module which has the particularity of housing a small screen.

However, this 1.1-inch AMOLED panel with a definition of 126 x 294 pixels may have created a feeling of déjà vu in some people. If this has happened to you, rest assured, you are not rambling. The rear screen of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is actually the same as the one used on the Mi Smart Band 5 connected bracelet.

An ingenious trick

This is indeed what the boss of the firm Lei Jun revealed during a video broadcast live on Weibo. This is a fairly clever idea since it prevents Xiaomi from multiplying the sources of supply while having been able to observe the way in which the color screen of the Mi Smart Band 5 has been received by the public.

On the Mi 11 Ultra, this screen on the back allows you to quickly see the notifications you receive or preview the selfies you take with the rear photo module. Likewise, if you take a picture of a person, that person will be able to see what they look like in the shot before you trigger the shot.

This is not the only thing that Lei Jun revealed through a live on Weibo. The businessman had also revealed some interesting information about the electric car on which Xiaomi is starting to work.

Xiaomi has always presented a lot of smartphones, but never with such frenzy as during the month of March 2021. The brand has made saturation of the market a profitable strategy, but which has…
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