Thursday, April 15

WhatsApp will now adapt the size of the preview images

The new beta version of WhatsApp now allows you to better preview images in conversations, by adapting the size of the preview, without having to open it

WhatsApp has caused a lot of ink to flow after presenting new terms of use. Following this announcement, many users preferred to leave the messaging platform and move towards other, more privacy-friendly solutions, such as Signal or Telegram.

In order to contain this exodus, WhatsApp has tried so hard to reassure users, but also to offer new features. The latest beta version of the app in turn adds an improvement, offering a more tailored preview of the images.

Indeed, in the course of a conversation, WhatsApp allows you to directly preview the images and videos that you receive and send, without having to open them. Unfortunately, these previews are square, which very often implies that only the central part of the image is visible.

Until then, the only solution to see the image in its entirety was to open it. The latest beta version of the messaging solution now offers a solution to this “problem”, by directly adapting the format of the preview displayed in the conversation.

Available in beta on iOS and Android

This new feature is already available on iOS and Android in beta and should soon be offered to all users, making it easier to view multimedia content.



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