Saturday, June 19

WhatsApp wants to help you free up space on your smartphone

WhatsApp has a new tool to easily find large and regularly transferred attachments from your chats to free up some of your storage space.

As we exchange more and more images, voice messages and videos through our private messaging applications, the archives are starting to weigh heavily. If it often weighs in the cloud, it can also be problematic on a daily basis when these files are stored locally, as is the case with WhatsApp.

A new tool to free up space

WhatsApp has just deployed a new tool within its application to correct this problem. In the application settings, go to the menu Data usage and storage, then in Manage storage. There you will find suggestions for easily viewing files larger than 5 MB as well as those that are regularly transferred.

At a glance, you will be able to identify files that consume a lot of space unnecessarily and thus choose to delete them on a case-by-case basis. If you are a compulsive user of this private messaging and share many memes and the like there reaction GIF, this tool should definitely save you several hundred MB, or even more.

It is always possible to consult the files of each conversation also to clean more finely within each discussion.

More space at home and in the cloud

As a reminder, WhatsApp saves conversations locally on your smartphone and allows them to be saved on Google Drive or iCloud in order to restore them from any device. So, by cleaning up, not only will you save space on your storage space, but you will also reduce the time needed to restore your conversations when you change your phone the next time.

This could come in handy in the future, when WhatsApp finally offers to sync multiple devices to one account.

A selective update

For the moment, this new feature seems to be activated on a case-by-case basis on the server side. We had the opportunity to try it out on the beta version of the app, but not all users seem to be enjoying it yet, regardless of the version used. This is certainly a phased rollout that should be available to everyone in the next few days if no issues are reported.

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