Friday, January 22

WhatsApp is preparing a “Read later” function to better manage your discussions

Customary of the fact, WABetaInfo has unearthed a new feature to come in a beta version of WhatsApp. The “Read later” tab, in this case, would replace the “Check in” function.


WhatsApp on smartphone // Gamesdone: Unsplash / Mika Baumeister

WhatsApp is going through a year-end full of new features. Between the introduction of ephemeral messages only on the application, the imminent arrival of facial recognition to unlock it or even the integration of audio and video calls on the web version within the next few months, the developers of the service messaging have their work cut out for them.

Better manage your discussions

The site WABetaInfo, a real radar to closely scrutinize future updates unearthed in each new beta version, puts the cover back by highlighting yet another new feature to come: the “Read later” function. This time, the latter was found in the WhatsApp TestFlight beta (for iOS users, therefore), but Tom’s Guide ensures that Android will also have the right.

More specifically, what will “Read Later” consist of? This function should be considered as the replacement for the “Archive discussion” option, indicates WABetaInfo. Until now, an archived discussion automatically returned to the main window once a message was received, in addition to displaying a new notification.

This time, none of that will relate by moving a conversation to the “Read Later” section. You will therefore not be disturbed by the slightest interaction with one or more interlocutors. The parameters can also be modified: for example, the user will be able to decide whether a conversation has the right to reappear automatically in its main window after receiving a new message, or not.


This novelty should be invited alongside the “Vacation mode”, which is still slow to point the tip of its nose two years after its first appearance in the media, although its operation is more or less similar. Still under development, this mode will make it possible to archive a discussion, which will remain in its category even if a message is received. Like an air of resemblance.



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