Saturday, September 25

WhatsApp finally shows media files in full width on iPhone


WhatsApp has lost a lot of users in recent months which doesn’t prevent the company from bringing new features to the app over time.

WhatsApp now displays full-frame images in conversations.

Between the images that are no longer cropped and the arrival of temporary messages in groups, WhatsApp does not stop improving its application.

The 9to5Mac media noticed the addition of a feature that was until today in beta: the automatic adjustment of the preview of media files. Concretely, this novelty will make it possible to improve the display of multimedia files (images, video, etc.) within the conversation itself. This is news that will particularly delight users of private messaging who have not yet left the ship for Signal or Telegram, especially since this addition comes with a feature for messages.

No more square cropping of media previews

It is through the update 2.21.71 of WhatsApp that the company has integrated these new features. This version is being deployed, you may not have the option to do so yet.

But then, what does that change concretely? Before this update was deployed, previews of images, posts, or videos were cropped to a square format. From now on, media files will be displayed in their original ratio so that they can be viewed without needing to be redirected to view them in their entirety.

“Mischief accomplished” for temporary messages on WhatsApp

In the new update of WhatsApp, ephemeral messages, formerly reserved for two-person communications, are now extended to groups. Each user will finally be able to delete their messages after seven days (if the option is activated in the group). The owner always reserves the right to activate or not this feature. But beware: these will not completely disappear from the group. Users will be able to prevent the message from disappearing by adding it as a favorite, forwarding it or even saving it.

In the meantime, WhatsApp keeps bringing new features into its app, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon.


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