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what’s new, compatible devices and how to install the update


The new iOS 14.5 update is now available as a stable release for all compatible device users. And it brings with it a big batch of new features: unlocking for the Apple Watch, improved battery, consent for advertising tracking or even new emojis, there is something for everyone.

iOS 14.5 is available in stable version on iPhone

iOS 14.5 is available in stable version on iPhone

Apple has rarely got used to massive updates in the middle of the OS generation to bring so many new features. This is however the case of iOS 14.5 which is deployed on many iPhone and iPad – in its iPadOS 14.5 version which has certain common improvements.

After a beta phase of several months, the update has new features that will change the use of devices, as well as the habits of users.

Unlocking with Apple Watch

In these times of wearing masks, unlocking your iPhone using facial recognition is an obstacle course. Apple therefore adds a subtlety by allowing iPhone and Apple Watch owners to use their connected watch to unlock their smartphone. If the TrueDepth camera detects the mask on your face, but the Watch is unlocked on your wrist, the iPhone will too. However, you won’t be able to pay for a purchase via Apple Pay or the App Store this way. You will always have to show your best smile for this.

The interface of Apple Watch SE

The interface of the Apple Watch SE // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

The iPhone 11 battery comes out bigger

Among the fixes for iOS 14.5, one concerns the autonomy of iPhone 11. Their lifespan will be greatly improved. However, when it was launched in September 2019, the newcomer had made a leap in terms of autonomy compared to the previous generation. But many users have reported rapid degradation over the months. This new function should allow the battery to recover and to be much more enduring after a recalibration of its maximum capacity.

On-demand ad tracking that annoys Facebook

The Tracking Transparency app will see the light of day with the rollout of the update. A long-awaited option that will require developers and brands to obtain user consent to deploy advertising tracking of their data via third-party applications. It will therefore no longer be possible to be tracked down without knowing it. Facebook has tried to pitch in against the function that will harm its business model. France has nevertheless supported Apple in its request for consent.

Apple Plans records accidents in real time

The firm at the apple will allow its users to report an accident in real time on Maps, a work zone or even radars. Obviously, these improvements will not be available everywhere, especially in France where it is forbidden to report the presence of speed cameras.

iOS 14.5 - Apple maps

Supported PS5 and Xbox Series controllers

After announcing their compatibility on the future Apple TV, the Californian brand adds support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller and Series X / S Xbox Controllers by iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. This will allow you to take advantage of services like the PS Remote or even the brand new Xbox Cloud Gaming which has just been deployed in beta on iOS.

AirTags and geolocatable third-party products

With the arrival of all new AirTags, Apple will inaugurate the addition of geolocation of compatible products via its Locate application. It will be easier to find them, because their position will be indicated on the map in the same way as your iPhone, AirPods, iPad, MacBook… This particularly concerns the Chipolo beacons, the VanMoof electric bike or even Belkin wireless headphones. The AirTags take advantage of their U1 chip to be even easier to find thanks to advanced tracking.

Apple AirTag

Apple’s new AirTag Bluetooth beacon to find your objects // Gamesdone: Apple

And also…

The iPhone 12 will now be able to support two 5G networks with its dual SIM. Until now, this mode was limited to 4G. Now, two 5G lines can be configured on a single device.

iOS 14 already allowed you to choose your email client and the browser of your choice by default. The update will allow you to configure Siri to choose a favorite streaming music service. It is not yet the expected default choice, but it is slowly approaching it.

It wouldn’t be a real update without adding an emoji. The new cuvée is here, notably with a blowing smiley, a syringe for the vaccine and an inflamed heart that we are already dreaming of adopting.

What devices are compatible?

iOS 14.5 is available on a wide variety of iPhones, from iPhone 6s to the latest iPhone 11s.

Here is the full list:

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How do I install iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5?

Before jumping into the update, you should first check that your iPhone is on the list of compatible devices and that you have enough battery. It is preferable to be connected to Wi-Fi (if possible fast) so that the operation takes place quickly.

If you have enabled automatic updates, everything will be done without you noticing. If the update has not yet installed, you can also go and trigger it manually.

  • Start by backing up your data. You can go through iTunes or do it directly from your smartphone. For photographs, we advise you to go through iCloud or Google Photos ;
  • Go to the Settings> General> Software update menus;
  • Start installing the update if it is offered. Otherwise, you will have to take your illness patiently until it appears …
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