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what you will lose if you refuse the new T & Cs


WhatsApp details what will happen to its messaging users after May 15th. Those who do not accept the new conditions of use will lose some essential functions.

WhatsApp details after May 15

WhatsApp details after May 15 // Gamesdone: WhatsApp

Since the start of the year, it’s been a cold shower for WhatsApp users. In January, the group announced that certain data from instant messaging users, such as phone number or IP address for example, will be shared with Facebook to allow companies to better target their customers on the social network. Although the content of the messages is not affected by this sharing, the community has of course fled the service en masse to turn to Signal or Telegram.

Faced with this exodus, WhatsApp tried to calm things down and postponed the date of acceptance of these new terms of use to May 15. As the fateful date approaches, it is time to take stock of what will happen to those who refuse these T & Cs.

Very limited operation

If you refuse the new WhatsApp terms of use, the use of the application will become very complicated from May 15, since you will no longer have access to your contact list and will therefore no longer be able to initiate a discussion. However, it is specified that you can continue to receive phone and video calls from the application and that you can still read and reply to your messages from the notifications.

This limited operation will be possible during “a few weeks», Before finally losing all the functionality of the messaging system. However, the account of people who do not accept the T & Cs will not be deleted.

Change application

As a reminder, it is possible export your WhatsApp chats to import them into another mailbox, such as Signal for example. And if you’re still in doubt, we’ve done a detailed comparison of Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp’s two main competitors, to help you make up your mind. Of course, if your contacts remain on Facebook’s private messaging, you can also accept the new terms of use …

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