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what will its electric cars of tomorrow look like?

The future electric vehicles of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance will be based on a new platform by the name of CMF-EV. Gilles Le Borgne, director of engineering at Renault, gave a few details about it. The opportunity to glimpse the technical contours of its next trendy cars.

Renault Mégane eVision

Renault Mégane eVision // Gamesdone: Renault

With its CMF-EV platform (Common Module Family Electric Vehicles), the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance is second in terms of electric vehicles. This modular architecture will indeed result in the next generation of connected cars signed Renault and Nissan.

The Nissan Ariya will also be the first to benefit from it from spring 2021, followed by the Mégane eVision of the diamond firm. The engineering director of Groupe Renault, in the person of Gilles Le Borgne, for his part distilled some technical elements relating to the CMF-EV platform, as part of an online round table.


The specialized site Automotive News Europe had access to this information, then relayed by Automobile Magazine. The opportunity to imagine in broad outline what the next vehicles of the group will look like. At a cost of 500 million euros, the CMF-EV platform will suit, for example, cars measuring between 4 and 4.7 meters.

In short, this template corresponds to the largest vehicles in the B segment (city cars, multi-purpose), but also and above all to the four-wheel apartment in the C segment (compact). And why not a few D-segment cars (family sedans), not to mention the small and medium-sized SUVs. In the idea, Renault and Nissan will therefore position themselves in several niches.

Three battery configurations

The electrics concerned will have the right to two engine configurations to choose from: a double engine or a traction transmission. On the battery side, the platform offers some flexibility with three separate packs: 40, 60 or 87 kWh, depending on the manufacturer’s wishes.

Renault Mégane eVision

The Renault Mégane eVision // Gamesdone: Renault

The batteries, in fact, will be supplied by LG Chem: its cells will be made of 10% cobalt, a raw material mainly extracted in the Congo, where local mining operations can use child labor. Some manufacturers are gradually seeking to dissociate themselves from this ore, Tesla in the front line.

Very fast charge

The Mégane eVision already gives us an idea of ​​the platform’s potential with its 60 kWh battery giving it a range of 450 kilometers. Gilles Le Borgne specifies, however, that this radius of action corresponds to mixed use. This threshold drops to 300 kilometers when the vehicle takes motorways at a speed of 120 km / h, for example.

It’s no longer a secret, but the CMF-EV platform paves the way for 130 kW rapid charging (DC), which allows you to regain 200 kilometers in the space of 20 minutes. In the future, the architecture could even benefit the Alpine sports brand – owned by Renault – although the idea is still in its infancy.

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