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what will change on January 1, 2021


A decree published in the Official Journal provides new conditions for the installation of an electric charging station in co-ownership. In short, the State seeks to facilitate the procedures.

As you may have read in our columns, the right to take in a condominium is an important element to know when buying an electric car. This right gives you the right to install a terminal on your parking space at your own expense. Provided that your building has an enclosed and open parking lot, and that an individual metering and billing system is available.

Until now, several specific modalities had to be respected by the beneficiary. Terms and conditions that evolve with Decree 2020-1720, published in the Official Journal on December 29, 2020. These new rules will come into force on January 1, 2021, and will thus facilitate the task for those who wish to install their own terminal, such as explain it Have-France.

More flexible legislation

Until now, only covered and closed locations could accommodate a refill. A bygone era, since “any tenant with a parking space in a secure access park for private use can invoke this right to take, whether he lives in a building in monoproperty or co-ownership, and whether the place is covered, outdoor, closed or no», We can read.

Also, the procedural deadline for opposing a project is shortened: once the notification has been received, the owner or the property manager has three months and no longer six months to apply to the court. Is it still necessary that a “serious and legitimate reasonIs invoked, as specified in the decree.

Beginning the installation of a terminal, which therefore generates work, is also the subject of a passage in general assembly in the form of simple information transmitted to all parties. No vote is required. “It is for the trustee to report to all the co-owners», Says Avere-France.

What financial aid for the installation of a terminal?

Finally, a period of two months begins from the moment the beneficiary and the service provider have signed the contract. Two months during which the owner or the building manager must sign the agreement with the aforementioned parties.

As a reminder, several financial aids are made available to the French to alleviate the amount of the necessary work. The ADVENIR premium is one of them.

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