Tuesday, January 26

What series to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: Emily in Paris and The Good Doctor

This weekend it seems that autumn is going to make an appearance. While you take shelter from the cold and rain, we recommend some of the series that reach the catalog of streaming platforms. It is the beginning of the month and that usually means that many new releases arrive, new or old series that are incorporated into the extensive catalog. As the news is to burst into tears, we have chosen comedies. This weekend we recommend friendly series, easy to digest. With a touch of reality, but to laugh at the disasters that we can be sometimes. Netflix and HBO release two new international comedies that are sure to be very well received. While in Amazon Prime Video we bring you one of the series of doctors of the moment. It’s a genre unto itself and these kinds of plots have a loyal audience who loves to see the ins and outs of hospitals and the relationships between their staff. HBO Spain is giving away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month. Emily in Paris If you are a fan of series like Melrose Place and Sex in New York, you should sign up this series on your list of contents to watch. Emily in Paris narrates Emily’s arrival in the French city to work for a marketing company. The capital may look very charming in travel brochures, but living in it is not so idyllic. Emily runs into work conflicts, misunderstanding, personal and sentimental relationships … A simple series so that we can all identify with those days in which you think, why did I get up? Title: Emily in Paris Release date: 2020 Length: 40 minutes Platform: Netflix Other Parents In the same vein is Other Parents on HBO, a comedy about life itself. A group of parents decide that it is a great idea to start a nursery together. Children can be a whirlwind, but any teacher will tell you that they prefer a thousand times to deal with students than with parents. Title: Other Parents Release date: 2020 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: HBO The Good Doctor On the Amazon platform we find a series that has received very good reviews. It is not new, but it is an opportunity for many to discover it, while others see it again. A young House fresh out of college, Freddie Highmore is an autistic surgeon who knows everything, but must deal with skepticism from his new peers. If you like doctor series, you will spend the weekend glued to the screen. Title: The Good Doctor Release date: 2020 Duration: 40 minutes Platform: Prime Video


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