Tuesday, October 19

What movies to watch this weekend on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video: The Practitioner and Dark Waters


This is going to be a long weekend in which the best thing is to stay home and enjoy a movie on Netflix, HBO or Prime Video. We had not had a bridge for a long time and in the remainder of 2020 we will enjoy one per month. But the truth is that we continue with the coronavirus pandemic limiting our lives and winter is approaching, so three days cannot go by without us sitting on the sofa to enjoy a drink, hot or cold, while we watch a movie. It seems that theaters are still not taking off at all and this happens for several reasons, from people’s fear of attending the lack of great releases, taking away the success of Tenet. And the delays being announced in blockbusters don’t seem to be helping much. But all this cannot take away our desire to enjoy the movies and we are going to show you our recommendations for movies on Netflix, HBO and Prime Video for this long weekend. Sign up for Disney + and enjoy one of the largest catalogs in the streaming scene, with sagas like Star Wars or Marvel. The practitioner – Netflix Many were surprised by the change in register that Mario Casas has experienced with this film and his interesting performance. Accustomed to greater restraint, in this suspense film he is unleashed, according to a cruel story where it is impossible to feel sympathy for the character he plays. After suffering an accident in the ambulance in which he works, the character played by Casas is left in a wheelchair. This accentuates your anger, but also mistrust of your partner and the suspicion that he is being unfaithful. In The Practitioner we find a story where the protagonist is willing to go to the limit to fulfill his wishes. A disturbing work that is enjoyed until the last second. Title: The practitioner Release date: 2020 Duration: 94 minutes Platform: Netflix Amazon already has the Fire TV Stick compatible with 4K resolution for sale in Spain. It launches a new interface and allows you to view content in Ultra HD. In addition, it includes the remote control with Alexa as standard. Lincoln – HBO Steven Spielberg made a movie in Lincoln about his admired president of the United States. A different work in his career, with a slower pace and great detail when it comes to showing the story, but in which the interpretation of Daniel Day-Lewis in the last days of the president’s mandate stands out above all. Spielberg tries to show a different era where heroics had a different tone and in which he raises a series of questions that have not yet been fully answered. Lincoln is a movie to taste. Title: Lincoln Release date: 2012 Duration: 149 minutes Platform: HBO HBO Spain gives away 14 days of free subscription with no commitment of permanence to all its new users. You can cancel whenever you want or keep the subscription for only € 8.99 per month. Dark Waters – Prime Video Mark Ruffalo plays an admirable lawyer in this film inspired by a true story. In a narrative scheme similar to other films that may come to mind, in this one it is discovered that a multitude of deaths and diseases are caused by a multinational that is carrying out an act against public health. From there, the protagonist seeks to do justice, even if the price to pay is high. Title: Dark Waters Release date: 2019 Duration: 126 minutes Platform: Prime Video You can now try Amazon Prime Video for free for a month and with no commitment to stay. On this platform you can watch series like American Gods, Hanna and Jack Ryan, as well as hundreds of exclusive movies.

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