Tuesday, October 27

What is the technological insomnia that affects more people every day, and how to solve it

Sleep problems are increasing in many people and not only because of the concerns of the coronavirus pandemic, technology influences the quality of our rest. During the history of humanity there have been a series of changes that have influenced our rest. One of them of great importance was electric light. By not relying exclusively on sunlight to develop day-to-day life, there was a modification in sleep cycles. And now another is taking place that affects the quality of sleep and the number of hours we sleep: the screens. It has been recommended for a long time that you do not look at your mobile or tablet just before going to bed and, far from diminishing, it is a habit that continues to grow to the point that many people entertain themselves with social networks while they sleep, which it causes them to spend long hours lying down without resting. Exposing yourself to the blue light of the screens is not only harmful to the health of the eyes, it is also more powerful than we think and stimulates the brain to a great extent, so much that it prevents it from relaxing for a while. You need to reduce your exposure to this ultraviolet light which is linked to macular degeneration, stress, and headaches. But above all you have to avoid it at bedtime and follow good practices if you are beginning to feel problems. The first thing is to activate the night mode on mobile phones. This function changes the blue to a much more yellow light which is recommended especially if you are going to read on the device. Although unfortunately there are still doubts about its ability to relax users, it is healthier for the eyes. To choose a Samsung smart watch you have to analyze what you need and what is the available offer. Here you will find all the available models and what each one offers. In addition, there must be a period of time between when you have stopped looking at the mobile and you try to sleep. Reading in bed can be a solution, but any type of activity that is not stimulating or requires being in front of a screen is worth it. But above all it is recommended not to break this habit by looking at the mobile at the last minute, or to set the alarm clock. We know that it can be difficult not to be aware of the mobile, but sleeping less hours than necessary can cause significant health problems and, without a doubt, continuous discomfort.


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