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What is the best iPhone in 2020? Our advice for choosing the right one

Want an iPhone, but don’t know which one to choose? Here are our tips for finding the right one for you.

The 2020 iPhone range at a glance

Once a model of simplicity, the iPhone line has grown increasingly crowded over the years. We are still far from the hyperactivity of certain Chinese manufacturers, but with no less than 7 models, choosing an iPhone this year is far from easy.

Here we will try to flatten the range to help you select the model that will work best.

Like last year, the Pro part of the range is made up of two models: the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The iPhone 12 wants to be the flagship of the range and therefore inaugurates a new design which is reminiscent of the iPhone 5. Design aside, the changes are however less radical. There is of course a new generation of processor. Called A14 Bionic, it allows Apple to further consolidate its status as a leader in performance.

Calls are good with the iPhone 12 Pro

The calls are of good quality with the iPhone 12 Pro // Gamesdone: Arnaud Gelineau, Frandroid

This generation of iPhone is also the first to offer 5G compatibility! In France, the first networks will not be operational until the end of 2020, but be “future proof»Never hurt.

As for the photo, the three sensors supported by the LIDAR sensor are doing well, but Apple is not revolutionizing the market. Last “big” novelty: the return of the “MagSafe” in the form of a magnet on the back to secure wireless charging and attach accessories. Very far from being bad, this iPhone 12 Pro is especially in competition with an iPhone 12 offering more or less the same services for 250 euros less… If you want more details, you will have to read our full test of the iPhone 12 Pro .

Although even more expensive, the iPhone 12 Pro Max justifies its price in our opinion. In addition to a 6.7-inch screen, we are indeed entitled to a much improved photo part. The main sensor is indeed larger, the telephoto lens more powerful and optical stabilization by moving the sensor is present.

Enough on paper to get much better results in low light and in motion. Add to that a more substantial battery and you get a machine tailored for photographers and videographers.

Who is the iPhone 12 Pro for?

  • For those who want a telephoto lens
  • Who have a full wallet
  • Who like small phones

Who is the iPhone 12 Pro Max for?

  • For those who want the best of iPhone photos and videos
  • Who have the right budget
  • Who like large screens, either for video, or for better reading comfort

If you have to keep only one model this year it is the iPhone 12, the one which is intended for the greatest number and which wants to please with its many attractions. Let us note already that this model, even if it is not stamped “Pro”, has the right to a quality OLED screen in addition to being animated by the A14 Bionic and to embark a 5G compatibility. All this while being offered at a relatively affordable price for a latest generation Apple phone.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

Gamesdone: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

The only real compromises compared to its big brother the iPhone 12 Pro: a slightly less bright screen and a dead end on telephoto and LIDAR. Interesting functions for photography enthusiasts, but far from essential. To put it another way, it is the most interesting formula for apple lovers whose budget is not unlimited. Head to our test for all the crisp details.

And for those who are fed up with the endless growth of smartphones: Apple has listened to you and now offers an iPhone 12 mini!

The Tom Thumb of the range uses the same characteristics of the iPhone 12, but with a 5.4-inch screen. The result is a latest generation phone that manages to be more compact than the iPhone SE, while having more display area. Add to that a 100 euro lower price and you have got an extremely attractive package.

Who is the iPhone 12 for?

  • For those who want the best performances of the moment
  • Who are looking for the right quality / price ratio
  • Who want good autonomy

Who is the iPhone 12 mini for?

  • For those who want the best performances of the moment
  • Who are looking for the right quality / price ratio
  • And who want it in a small format!

Launched in 2019, the “short” iPhone 11 remains in the catalog this year. As its name suggests, it retains the heart of the thirteenth generation innovations, notably with the A13 Bionic processor or the ultra-wide-angle photo sensor, while getting rid of certain non-essential refinements of the Pro range.

The iPhone 11 is available in many shimmering colors, here in red // Credit: Frandroid

The iPhone 11 is available in many shimmering colors, here in red // Credit: Frandroid

Thus, the OLED screen disappears in favor of LCD technology, or you only have two photo sensors on the back (the 2x zoom is removed). The LCD screen is still considered the best in the market, but the technology has flaws that OLED does not. However, you keep the waterproofing, FaceID and wireless charging.

If the new design and the OLED display of the iPhone 12 does not interest you more than that, the iPhone 11 remains a more than solid option, especially with its price revised seriously downwards. To learn more, you can also read our iPhone 11 review.

Who is the iPhone 11 for?

  • Those looking for a good compromise
  • So much on the size …
  • … only on the price

IPhone XR is to iPhone XS of 2018, what iPhone 11 is to iPhone 11 Pro. In other words, it is also the phone of compromise, but of the previous generation. We thus find the technologies of last year, this time with an A12 Bionic processor. Even though he is now two years old, he has nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to performance.

The iPhone XR, recognizable by its unique photo sensor.  // Credit: Frandroid

The iPhone XR, recognizable by its unique photo sensor. // Credit: Frandroid

However, the loss of the second ultra-wide-angle photo sensor is starting to be felt as functionality has become standard. Far from being bad, the iPhone XR is slowly starting to show its age. It’s up to you to see if the 100 euros less than the iPhone 12 are worth the candle. We tell you more in our iPhone XR review.

Who is the iPhone XR for?

  • Those who are ready to make some technical concessions …
  • …. to save a hundred euros.

At the bottom of the Apple catalog you now have the iPhone SE 2020. Second “Special Edition” of the iPhone after the iPhone SE 2016, it uses the formula proven with its predecessor. It consists of putting – some – modern technologies in the body of a model of yesteryear. In this case that of the iPhone 8, that is to say with a screen of 4.7 inches.

IPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 // Gamesdone: Frandroid

Thus, if the iPhone SE 2020 inherits an A13 Bionic processor, it adopts a resolutely dated design with the presence of the physical home button as a symbol … now missing for 3 generations of iPhone. We therefore find the classic navigation system of the iPhone, which will not confuse historical users of the brand’s phones.

As before, this button incorporates a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone. Useful when masks are a source of pain for FaceID. You will find a photo sensor on the back, quite honorable. It is also waterproof up to 1 meter. You can find all the details in our full review of the iPhone SE 2020.

Who is the 2020 iPhone SE for?

  • For those who want a cheap iPhone
  • Compact
  • With a physical “home” button.

Clearly, the iPhone SE is probably the perfect candidate for those who don’t need a bunch of features, and just want an inexpensive, easy-to-use iPhone. We think in particular of all the parents and grandparents who read us.

Good to know before buying

💾 How much storage should I choose for my iPhone?

Unlike many phones in the Android sphere, it is not possible to expand the storage capacity of the iPhone after purchase. It is therefore important to choose the right amount from the start. By default, all iPhones this year have 64GB of storage. This is sufficient for many users. However, if you store a lot of video, photos, music and applications on your phone, you may be advised to choose the higher capacity instead: 128 or 256 GB depending on the model.

⏲ ​​When should you buy your iPhone?

With a few exceptions, Apple has been releasing its new iPhones in September for the past ten years or so. If a new iPhone tempts you past the month of June, it is probably more reasonable to wait for the new models in the fall.

The best time is obviously soon after the announcement. Be aware, however, that iPhones suffer a relatively small discount over time. If you want the latest model, promotions are unlikely to arrive in the first 6 months of its marketing, and price cuts will remain timid thereafter.

💦 Can I use my waterproof iPhone underwater?

No. The waterproofing of smartphones is mainly provided in the event of an accident. It is not designed to take underwater photos. We strongly advise against submitting your phone voluntarily under water. This is also an exclusion clause from the manufacturer’s warranty.

♻ Used or refurbished iPhones, are they worth it?

Buying a used iPhone can be a good option to afford Apple’s phone at a discount. Be careful not to choose a model that is too old. While iPhones generally have a good lifespan, over the years the battery is likely to not be at its best. Also note that iPhones have a fairly low discount on the second-hand market, so the initial investment in a new terminal is sometimes less heavy once the resale price is taken into account.

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