Tuesday, May 18

What do you think of Direct, Netflix’s new online TV?

With its new online TV by the name of Direct, the on-demand platform Netflix deviates slightly from its original philosophy. We would like to know what you think of this novelty reserved for France and deployed since Thursday, November 5.

With Direct, Netflix changes course slightly. The video-on-demand platform has indeed integrated this new functionality, which is quite simply linear TV. Only launched in France, this novelty is distributed on the web version of the service, and not on the application, as revealed exclusively by Frandroid.

Team TV or video on demand?

Direct is made up of a program schedule combining films, series and documentaries, selected according to their popularity with French users, and not according to your personal tastes. This content is then broadcast in a real-time stream automatically generated over five days to avoid seeing the same programs loop.

Here the idea of ​​Netflix is ​​to “let yourself be carried away and surprised“. And in case of crush, you can always add the content to your list. Find out now if this novelty caught your eye, or if the idea of ​​linear TV on a service like Netflix leaves you skeptical, because it is too far removed from the original concept: video on demand.

That’s the whole point of this survey: what do you think of Direct?


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