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what are the best Spigen cases to protect your phone?

Have you got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S21? Unless you are extremely meticulous or incredibly confident in your ability to never let go, there’s a good chance you intend to protect it. And for that, you can count on Spigen which offers a wide range of cases for the Galaxy S21.

If you’ve ever searched the internet for protective cases for smartphones, you are probably familiar with Spigen. This Korean brand collects many positive opinions on the different protective cases it offers for each smartphone. For the start of 2021, Spigen did not miss the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 since the brand already offers a whole range of protection designed for these phones. From the discreet and transparent shell to the most reinforced protection, there is something for everyone. They are all available for the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra, but also for many iOS and Android smartphones.

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Les protections Liquid Crystal et Tough Armor

The Liquid Crystal case from Spigen is the right compromise between strength and discretion. It has the advantage of being rather thin and discreet thanks to its transparent design that allows you to admire the back of your phone while protecting it. It also benefits from Air Cushion technology, like many of the brand’s cases. This consists of small air pads placed in the corners of the shell to better absorb shocks during falls. The Liquid Crystal is also made of a flexible material, which makes it easy to remove when you get home for example.

In order, Spigen's Liquid Crystal and Tough Armor cases

In order, Spigen’s Liquid Crystal and Tough Armor cases

The Tough Armor case from Spigen is the one that guarantees maximum protection. In addition to the Air Cushion technology embedded in the corners, the rigid material used is particularly effective in absorbing shocks throughout the protection. Another good point: a kickstand integrated into the shell allows the phone to stand upright and horizontally. Convenient for watching videos without having to hold your phone.

Les protections Thin Fit et Neo Hybrid

The Thin Fit case is a classic from Spigen. As the name suggests, it is thin and well cut enough not to affect the handling of the phone. Its discretion combined with its matte black design makes it the perfect case for people who don’t like to wear them. However, this protection perfectly protects the back of the phone by marrying the photo sensors and the flash.

In order, the Neo Hybrid and Thin Fit cases

In order, the Neo Hybrid and Thin Fit cases

If, even with a cover, you are afraid of dropping your phone, the Neo Hybrid reference has the coating you need. Its textured back gives an excellent grip, which makes it easier to handle the phone. On the design side, the choice of a herringbone pattern gives this case an original but discreet look.

La protection Rugged Armor

Finally, the Rugged Armor is the shell that offers a high level of protection with a design that is as discreet as possible. Its matte black finish and the different inserts give it a very good grip. The edges of the shell are also textured. If you often have slippery hands, this protection allows you to hold your phone firmly.

La protection Rugged Armor de Spigen

La protection Rugged Armor de Spigen

Precise cutting

Spigen takes special care in the cutting of its shells. Thus, in any case the protection does not interfere with the use of your phone. For example, Spigen cases are designed to provide the greatest possible protection for photo sensors. They protrude slightly from the photo block, which allows you to lay the phone on its back without risking scratching these sensors. However, the case remains invisible when you capture photos with each of the three sensors. Some cases also protrude from the front in order to protect the screen.

Spigen accessories

The manufacturer Spigen also takes advantage of its know-how in the field of smartphones to offer accessories that are not protections. The brand distributes in particular a clever wireless charger that can be used in two different positions: horizontal and (almost) vertical. This is very practical on a desktop for example, in order to always have an eye on these new notifications.

Spigen's SteadiBoost wireless charger

Spigen’s SteadiBoost wireless charger

Finally, the brand has also developed protection for the photo lenses of the Samsung Galaxy S21. It is adhesive, and simply sticks to the location of the photo block. The cutting is precise, and therefore does not alter the quality of the photos. Finally, this protection is also compatible with Spigen cases, to guarantee optimal protection.

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