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What are the best picoprojectors in 2021?

Want to enjoy a big screen anywhere? We have chosen the best pico-projectors on the market for you.

Formerly heavy and bulky, projectors have been increasingly small and efficient over the past ten years. Add to that more and more complete on-board operating systems, sometimes going all the way up to Android TV and you’ve got the perfect devices for watching a big movie anywhere you want.

Contrary to what one might imagine, these picoprojectors are not only useful on vacation: they can also appeal to those who do not want to burden themselves with a television, but like to watch a series or a movie in large format on the go. ‘opportunity.

If you are interested in a solution that is a little more powerful, but less mobile, you will find what you are looking for in our guide to the best living room projectors.

Anker Nebula Mars II Pro: the most versatile

The Nebula Mars II Pro represents the most advanced model in the Anker range of projectors. On the menu: a fairly heavy (1.8 kg) and imposing device, but that can be easily transported with its imitation leather handle.

To distinguish itself from the competition, it has an impressive battery, powerful speakers and above all a maximum brightness of 500 lumens. What, in theory, take advantage of a good diagonal without losing too much clarity. In practice, all this remains usable up to 80 inches. Unlike other models, however, it will be necessary to settle for a 720p definition.

On the software side, there is a home version of Android. It gets the job done, but is significantly less versatile than a real Android TV, especially when it comes to longer term updates. We particularly appreciate the dual 10 W speakers which can be used as a Bluetooth speaker for 30 hours.

If it does not offer the highest definition on the market, the Anker Mars II Pro seduces with its high brightness and its built-in battery.

Anker Nebula Capsule Max: the most portable

With the first Capsule of the name, Anker had surprised his world with a projector barely bigger than a can of soda. This second version, however, is overweight … we are now closer to a pint of beer. Add to that a weight that drops to 680 g and it immediately becomes less easy to carry on you every day.

The use is however extremely simple with a dial for focusing and an efficient autofocus. Side display quality, no miracle: we must be satisfied with 720p and a brightness of 200 lumens. It is however sufficient for nomadic use if it is very dark in the room.

With 2 hours 30 minutes on a charge, the autonomy is not fantastic. However, charging is done via USB-C, which allows it to be connected to any charger or an external battery. Nothing to complain about either on the software part, it is Android TV 9.0 and there is a large catalog of applications that is present here.

A very portable device, versatile and as a bonus relatively affordable.

To play at home

  • Good picture quality
  • Android TV
  • … but has no battery

Available at € 590 on Amazon

A true tech jack-of-all-trades, Xiaomi obviously offers a portable projector. The latter is also relatively bulky with all the same 1.3 kg on the scale. Unlike other models in this selection, it skips the battery. The power supply will therefore be mandatory and we regret that Xiaomi did not choose USB-C. One less charger when traveling is always a plus.

However, these compromises allow it to embed a Full HD matrix and to offer much higher brightness than a 100% stand-alone model. We therefore arrive at a diagonal of 2.5 m while maintaining good readability. The audio is a pleasant surprise, with built-in speakers doing a very decent job.

On the software side, we find Android TV and therefore the vast majority of streaming services. To play files locally, going through VLC works very well.

Xiaomi trades mobility here for an image quality revised upwards and we have to admit that it works pretty well. This is a good candidate for home use.

Xgimi Mogo Pro: Full HD in your pocket

Relatively anonymous in our regions, Xgimi however offers products that would benefit from being better known like this Mogo Pro. About fifteen centimeters high, this projector weighs 900 grams and offers a Full HD image.

The latter is correct for its format, but it should not be more than 1.5 m back if we want to maintain sufficient brightness. We also appreciate the automatic focusing and keystone correction each time the camera is moved. A battery is integrated, but it lasts barely more than two hours, it is better to keep the proprietary charger close to you if you want to binger or even watch a long movie.

One of the big strengths of the Mogo Pro is the presence of Android TV which opens the door to a large number of services. A USB connector and an input are also part of the game.

In short, a good model, versatile despite a little low light.

Know everything before buying a picoprojector

What to project the image on?

If you’re using a picoprojector, you probably won’t have a projection screen available. The easiest way will be to use a white wall, as smooth as possible. If you really don’t have anything on hand, hanging a white sheet over the wall can produce correct results.

Can we connect a bluetooth speaker to the projector?

We strongly advise against connecting a Bluetooth speaker to watch video. Indeed, the latency of Bluetooth creates a significant and particularly distracting sound / image lag. If your speaker has a Jack input, the latter will however be quite suitable.

Will my projector be usable in daylight?

Let’s say it right away: even the most powerful picoprojectors do not have a lamp powerful enough to provide a visible image. In general, we recommend that you create as much black as possible to enjoy your films in good conditions.

What content for my projector?

Most of the available models are equipped with Android. This gives them access to various streaming services, but also to video file players. These are not to be forgotten, especially if you are going on vacation away from Internet access.

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