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What are the best headphones under $ 100? our selection

Headphones are an essential accessory that often goes hand in hand with a smartphone or computer. We carry it on when traveling, but we also use it at home so as not to disturb others. Discover our selection of the best helmets under 100 euros.

Illustration photo // Malte Wingen on Unsplash.

Illustration photo // Malte Wingen on Unsplash.

Whether it’s a travel companion or a home-only device, headphones have several advantages over headphones. They isolate better from outside noise, generally offer better sound reproduction and are especially more comfortable during long listening sessions.

We must admit, our attention is mainly focused on high-end models, sold for several hundred euros. They are the ones who bring together the latest advances and we must admit that the success has been there for them.

Still, not everyone has the budget or the desire for such flagships. Fortunately there is a wide choice of quality helmets at much more affordable prices! Here you will therefore find a selection of Bluetooth and wired headsets within the reach of all budgets.

If you want an overview of the market, head to our helmet guide! And if intra true wireless is more to your taste, we also have a dedicated guide.

The best helmets under 100 euros at a glance:

The Sennheiser 350 BT headphones: the best budget headphones

The Sennheiser 350 BT headphones are only a few months old, but are already establishing themselves as a benchmark in devices under 100 euros. Notably because it displays a long list of compatibility with the current codecs, which other much more expensive headphones do not necessarily do. As such, the Sennheiser 350 headphones are compatible with AAC, AptX and AptX Low Latency codecs. Thanks to the latter, you can watch movies and series without noticing a lag between sound and image. It also supports the Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

On the ears, the Sennheiser 350 BT does not disappoint. First, because it displays a beautiful sound reproduction, relatively well balanced. On the other hand, we note a good draft sound at high volume as we explain in our video below. The headphones are circum-aural, which means that the ear cups surround the ears. This naturally offers good passive isolation, and also good comfort since the headphones do not directly pressure the ears.

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Finally, the Sennheiser 350 BT benefits from a major advantage: its comfortable autonomy of 30 hours according to the manufacturer. The battery can be recharged quickly using the headset’s USB-C port. The Sennheiser 350 BT is almost flawless, however, we regret the quality of the integrated microphone. The Sennheiser 350 BT headphones are available for around 99 euros, in black or white.

Why choose the Sennheiser 350 BT headphones?

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Compatible with many codecs
  • A balanced sound reproduction

The Jabra Move Style headset: the most stylish

The Jabra Move Style headset is one of the most stylish in our selection. This one displays a relatively minimal style, which has the advantage of going everywhere. A certain simplicity which does not come at the expense of comfort: the headband and the pads do not hurt during prolonged listening. The Jabra Move Style doesn’t benefit from a long list of compatible codecs, but it does take advantage of multipoint Bluetooth. An extremely handy feature if you are juggling music from smartphone and computer.

The Jabra Move Style is an on-ear headset, the pads are placed on the ears. Passive noise reduction is therefore not at the same level as over-ear headphones. On the other hand the sound quality is there, with a clear sound reproduction and very present bass. The advertised autonomy is about 14 hours and it charges via micro-USB. The Jabra Move Style is therefore not the most enduring, but the lightest of our selection with a weight of 162 grams.

Count 72 euros for the Jabra Move Style helmet, in black, blue or beige.

Why choose the Jabra Move Style headset?

  • A sober and very elegant design
  • Multipoint Bluetooth
  • Very light: 162 grams

Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones: the most vintage

The Marshall Major III is the latest iteration of the amp brand’s popular headphone. In its third version, the Marshall Major says goodbye to cable to switch to Bluetooth (aptX compatible). This is not the only difference with the previous models, since the comfort has been greatly improved. The pads are much nicer and the hoop takes a more traditional shape. It folds easily, and can therefore be easily stored in various bags without risk of breakage.

Overall, the sound quality of the Marshall Major III Bluetooth is satisfactory in the bass and treble range, with a little less precision in the midrange. However, they are very powerful headphones, but we do not recommend prolonged listening at high volume. The volume is also controlled from a button joystick which performs all the functions: headset on and off, playlist control, voice assistant call, etc. Finally, count on a battery life of at least 30 hours. That’s great, but does that forgive the presence of a micro-USB port? Your turn to judge.

Launched in 2018 at a price of 150 euros, Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones are now trading around 80 euros. A much better deal than when it was released.

Why choose the Marshall Major III Bluetooth headphones?

  • Son look vintage
  • Improved comfort
  • A powerful helmet

Headphones with active noise reduction below the psychological bar of 50 € ?! Impossible at first glance, or at least not something we could advise. Well we are sometimes pleasantly surprised, as with this Mpow H19 IPO.

Obviously at this price there are no miracles on the design or the finish, but the whole remains clean and above all does not give the impression that it will slam our hands after a few days. The helmet is comfortable thanks to generous foams and above all a very low weight (240 g).

The audio rendering is also a good surprise, if it will not win any price for its precision it manages to be balanced. The microphone on the other hand is particularly bad, with poor sound quality and a voice that cuts out after a few minutes under certain circumstances.

Let’s say it right away, active noise reduction won’t compete with a Bose QC-35 or Sony WH1000. There is no question here of completely cutting yourself off from the world as high-end helmets do. It does, however, do quite well at attenuating ambient sounds. What to enjoy a little more of his music in a noisy environment. Its endurance is excellent, with 32 hours on a charge and ten less with noise reduction activated.

If we have seen (and heard) better in all areas, we must admit that at this price the Mpow H19 IPO does not have many competitors. It is excellent value for money for small budgets.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones: the best for home

These Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones feature the most functional look of our selection. It is primarily intended for use in the studio, so it skips Bluetooth to favor the jack cable. A sacrifice that is made in favor of sound quality: the ATH-M40x has precise and neutral sound reproduction. It is therefore a headset particularly recommended for people wishing to listen to their favorite song as the artist thought.

With a circumaural design, the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x can be worn for long hours without feeling too much pressure on the ears and head. It comes with two different jack cables: a coiled cable which can go up to 3 meters, and another classic cable of 3 meters. However, we regret the lack of control over the cable or the headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M40x is generally offered around 90 euros. It can be found at 88 euros on Amazon, sold by the French boutique SonoVente.

Why choose the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones?

  • The sound quality, neutral, but pleasant
  • Comfort, even during long listening sessions
  • Robust construction

The Beats EP headphones: especially for iOS users

Acquired by Apple, the Beats brand continues to create new headphones. The Beats EP headphones are the most affordable in the line, and it’s a real commercial success. It benefits from a neat design and a design that inspires confidence. No Bluetooth here, but rather a flat jack cable (which tangles less) with a small remote control. The latter is fully compatible with iOS devices, but only partially compatible with Android devices. Only mic and button play/pause work.

Beats oblige, the sound rendering emphasizes the bass, but much less than on the other models of the brand. There is still something to please fans of powerful bass, but the overall sound reproduction will also appeal to the greatest number. Too bad the Beats EP can’t fold, that makes it difficult to transport.

Launched at a price of 100 euros, Beats EP headphones are now 60 euros on Amazon. It is available in three colors: black, white, blue or red.

Why choose the Beats EP headphones?

  • Son look
  • Powerful bass, but not too much
  • Comfortable pads

For further

What concessions should I make with a helmet for less than 100 euros?

Headphones under $ 100 cannot compete for audio quality with more high-end products typically sold for more than $ 250. It is therefore necessary in the first place to make some concessions on the sound, even if over the years, the latter has greatly improved. In this price range, it is also almost impossible to find active noise reduction. On the other hand, you will find comfortable helmets, with or without wire and with sometimes worked design. If you’re on a budget, you can check out our guide to the best Bluetooth headsets.

How did we make this selection?

We first selected the helmets on the basis of price, trying to offer you various options corresponding to different uses and tastes. Some helmets in this selection have been taken over by the editorial staff. When this is not the case, we carry out a press review of the various tests that may have appeared with our colleagues in order to condense the information and suggest products that will not disappoint you.

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