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What are the advantages of a smart lock? The example of Linus Yale

The small world of the connected lock is booming and raises a number of questions about its usefulness. A quick overview of this trend with the example of the Linus smart lock from Yale.

Yale is a brand that you may not be aware of. And yet, every time you insert a key into a lock, there’s a good chance you’ll be using one of its most famous inventions: the pin cylinder.

Yale is therefore well known in the lock world for its reliability and its expertise of more than 180 years in security. Today, the American brand is launching into the connected lock sector with its new invention: the Linus Yale connected lock. But what are the main advantages of such a device?

Connected lock, but installation required

Even though smart locks are full of technologies designed to make life easier for users, it should not be forgotten that the lock is above all a very physical object, which will require proper installation.

An operation that can turn into a puzzle and require the intervention of a professional since some connected locks require, for example, the replacement of the barrel (cylinder), the mechanical part of the lock that accommodates the key. Others, on the other hand, fit directly (and much more simply) onto the barrel, and are therefore installed in a few minutes on the door, without special tools.

The Yale Linus smart lock belongs to the latter category and can adapt to the vast majority of locks that can be found in France. In the rare event that the existing cylinder is not compatible with the Linus smart lock, Yale already offers a replacement cylinder (30 or 60 mm) that can be purchased separately.

The adjustable cylinder of the Yale Linus smart lock

The adjustable cylinder of the Yale Linus smart lock // Gamesdone: Yale

As the lock expert, Yale was keen to maintain physical interactions with his lock. Unlike many other locks, the Yale Linus smart lock still allows the use of a traditional key. Additional security in the event of the unexpected or forgetting to replace the batteries.

Yale Linus smart lock range

Yale Linus smart lock range

It is also possible to add an external keypad which allows the use of codes generated for the occasion in order to give the possibility to relatives to open the door. A great way to give easy access to your home, and monitor comings and goings at a glance from the Yale Access app.

Not to spoil anything, the Linus smart lock from Yale stands out with its elegant and discreet design, which won it the Red Dot Awards and The Ambient Award at the last CES in Las Vegas.

A simple and complete connected experience

Compared to a traditional lock, the connected lock offers many advantages that make life easier for its users. The main thing is undoubtedly the possibility of locking and unlocking the connected doors in a jiffy thanks to the dedicated Yale Access application that you control from your smartphone. An ideal solution for heads in the air, or to help out in case of an impromptu visit. The Linus smart lock also notifies you when someone activates it. This is for example very practical to make sure that the children are well returned home when they make the trip alone.

Finally, if you happen to rent your accommodation on a rental platform like Airbnb, know that it is possible to give the rights to new tenants. Thanks to the Yale Access app, newcomers can open the door as soon as they arrive, even if it’s late. A very practical feature that avoids having to move.

To operate remotely, the lock must nevertheless be connected to the WiFi network. Like many other connected devices (light bulbs, thermostats), locks need to be connected to a connection bridge. The latter will serve as an interface between the lock and all of the functions enabled by the dedicated application (remote opening and consultation of the lock status, among others). The Linus Yale smart lock needs the installation of the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge to be controlled remotely, via the home’s WiFi.

This connection bridge, coupled with the Yale Access app, provides users with many benefits and features. In addition to the possibility of controlling the opening or closing of the door remotely, the user can also generate temporary virtual keys that he can assign to his visitors. After having defined the duration of activation of these keys, it is then possible to use them with a smartphone, or in the form of a code to be entered on the Yale keypad, which will be installed next to the front door. . A small revolution that simply solves the problem of duplicate keys.

The code keypad to unlock your Linus lock

The keypad to unlock your Linus lock // Gamesdone: Yale

Thanks to the Yale Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, the Yale Linus smart lock can also be connected to most virtual assistants available on the market (Google Assistant, Alexa among others) to provide a more advanced experience, including l ‘voice assistance when needed. It also allows the integration of service platforms like Airbnb in order to offer a simple and secure experience for owners and tenants.

On the security side, finally, Yale has thought of everything. The lock uses a Bluetooth Low Energy connection as well as AES bit and TLS ciphers, while the application uses two-factor authentication to limit the risk of malicious connection.

A smart lock at the service of the user

Geolocation is also a very useful feature of the Yale Linus smart lock as it is able to automatically unlock when you arrive nearby. Thanks to this, you no longer need to look for your keys in your pockets.

Finally, it is possible to configure the automatic locking of the door once you leave the home. It can be done when the door is closed, or after a certain period of time that you have configured from the Yale Access application.

Like other connected products that can be found on the market, installing a connected lock represents a significant cost. The Yale Linus smart lock is available for purchase from 250 euros. Accessories are also available, including the barrel, the keyboard or the connection bridge.

Whether it is increased security, simplified management of entries and exits, the possibility of keeping a physical key or the expertise of a brand that is more than a century old, there are many reasons that make the Linus connected lock from Yale a product. efficient and reassuring.

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