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webcam, microphone, software … everything you need to start streaming

Looking to get started in streaming, but don’t know where to start? We asked a pro for advice on how to put together the beginner’s kit.

The idea of ​​getting into streaming may have crossed your mind, but you quickly found yourself lost in the face of the many solutions available, both in software and hardware. We did have a few ideas on our side, but we preferred to ask a professional. Eric “Spontexx” Peugeot, professional player of League of Legends, stream their games daily on Twitch. He shares his advice with us for getting started easily and quickly on the adventure. Thanks to it, we offer you a complete kit to start steaming.


Let’s start with the main one: the webcam. You can find on Frandroid a buying guide for the best webcams. Spontexx agrees with us since it also recommends the Logitech C920 for streaming. For a hundred euros, it is a versatile webcam that will be sufficient for streaming. All the rest of the “C920” range is obviously just as recommendable.

You can also go upmarket with a Razer Kiyo which has integrated LED lighting. Finally, in ” at best, it is possible to use a camera or a very good camera, but it is not at all the same price ”, indicates Spontexx. We will therefore be satisfied with the Logitech C920 for its content.

Also note that you can also use your smartphone as a webcam, but this is not necessarily practical, especially in a streaming context.

You need a real microphone, not a headset!

If we often tend to pay attention to the image when setting up its setup, in reality the sound is more important. If you stream a video game, the webcam image will often be displayed in a small insert while the sound is omnipresent. It is therefore ultimately a more important point in this context.

For that, nothing better than a dedicated microphone. As Eric Peugeot points out, “ a good headset is very rare, I used to use the Steelseries Siberia v3 Prism in the past, but although the output audio quality was very good, the audio input was only poor “. He therefore advises instead to turn to a microphone Bird UM1 sold for less than 60 euros.

Shure MV7: get down to business

If you want to take audio quality to the next level, head to the Shure MV7. With impeccable build quality (it’s a 550 gram tank), it shines above all for its sound quality. Cardioid design, it can be connected to XLR or USB. We particularly appreciate the long 3 m USB cable delivered! Please note, it is delivered without a stand.

Another tip from the pro: ” take a microphone stand (or a boom) which cancels the vibrations that can be heard especially when typing on a mechanical keyboard “. For example, you can opt for this “office” foot for less than 15 euros or a pole of this kind for less than 30 euros.

The other accessories

According to Spontexx, one of the important additional investments is “ a second screen to be able to follow what is happening in the chat and be responsive with your community “. Since this is mostly a secondary display, there is no need to invest in a luxury gaming display. We can be satisfied with a classic display like this 24-inch Full HD monitor. Samsung S24F350F at around 100 euros.

As for the additional lights, they are not essential, but will be ” useful if the brightness of the place is not suitable “. If your room is a little dark, a ring light will bring an impressive quality boost to your face. They are available at all prices, but this kit offered on Amazon for around 90 euros is one of our favorites.

No need for a green background, it is “ far from being essential, the charm and decoration of the room should ensure that the stream setting is pleasant. “. The investment is therefore unattractive at first.

Do you need a big PC to stream?

Contrary to what one might instinctively think, it is not always necessary to have a high-performance gaming PC to start streaming. ” You need a good PC “Tempers Spontexx,” but not necessarily the latest model “. It really depends on the content being broadcast, ” the configuration is not the same if it is drawing, 3D, a recent game or not »He explains, on the other hand it is necessary that the stream« is fluid, with 60 fps, so that viewers follow it without lag or freeze “. If you can, use Nvidia cards, they now have NVENC technology “Allowing the load to be removed from all other components”. It is indeed the latter which takes care of the video encoding.

In other words, if you already have a gaming PC that holds up, you won’t necessarily need to invest in new components. Especially if you plan to broadcast relatively low-consumption games.

If, on the other hand, you plan to tackle more greedy tracks or if your bike is aging, we recommend a more muscular configuration. The details will of course vary depending on your budget, but in general, aim for a minimum of a six-core processor, 16 GB of RAM and a graphics card like the RTX 3060 or a Radeon RX 5600 XT.

For more details on each component, we refer you to our guides detailing each component:

Internet connection: is fiber compulsory?

The stream is quite demanding in terms of bandwidth, so you will need to have a robust internet connection: ” minimum cable “Estimates the expert and” at best the fiber to be able to offer the best image quality. An HD stream is much more attractive than a 480p stream “. With ADSL, you will have to go your way.

Remember that if you are looking for a new fixed internet subscription, you can consult our summary of current internet promotions, or use our internet offer comparator.

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Pour les logiciels, OBS ou XSplit ?

Si le matériel est important, le logiciel n’est pas à négliger. La bonne nouvelle est qu’il existe de nombreuses solutions gratuites très performantes. Spontexx utilise Streamlabs OBS, totalement gratuit et « qui permet une multitude de choses sans forcément avoir besoin d’une grande connaissance technique : [comme] display follow, donation, sub alerts or create scenes if you don’t have an overlay. It is a software very easy to use and above all very complete ”. In short, it does largely as much as XSplit, which is chargeable.

Some tips from the pro

Finally, here are some more tips from Spontexx:

  • You have to pay attention to the acoustics and the environment of the stream to make it as pleasant as possible for viewers.
  • Have fun when you are streaming! Share your passions, your good humor, you are there in front of an audience, so be yourself and create a real connection with the people watching you.

You now have all the keys in hand to embark on the adventure. You can find Spontexx sur Twitch and on Twitter.

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